We the Anunnak ~ 12/12/14 ~John, Robert, Gillian, Sasha, Janet & Mystery Guests

Planet X hqdefaultHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin host the panel of researchers, experts and authors in a roundtable discussion on We the Anunnaki with guests John Bacon, Robert Evans, Jr., Gillian Green on Friday, December 12, 2014 from 3 to 5 PM on www.blogtalkradio.com.  We’ve invited a number of our Anunnaki/Planet X/Nibiru researchers to join us in our ongoing discussions so we’re not sure which ones will show up besides our confirmed guests.

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We have a new researcher, John Bacon, joining the discussion this week.  John works with MUFON in Ohio and has been researching the Anunnaki for many years.  Next week we’ll be joined by Janet’s brother, William Robert Thompson, Jr. who has been a UFO and Anunnaki researcher since the 1960s.

10850870_1520501848202969_403756028_nIt appears things are heating up with Nibiru/Planet X sightings and the controversy surrounding these sightings.  You ultimately decide. However I know one thing for sure, lens flares do not create reflections on water and I’ve seen a number of those pictures.

If you have photos you’d like to share with our team, we’ll take a look at them.  I am not an expert in photography by any means and whether or not these photos are real or not (what the heck is “real” anyway?), they sure are creating a lot of activity.  And there’s always the factor of “thoughts are deeds” and “what we imagine we create” in action here. So from my perspective it seems a lot of people are excited about the Doomsday/Armageddon/Apocalypse scenario which was started years ago by the Anunnaki (who have the long-term, multi-generational vision spanning hundreds of thousands of years). But please be careful of what you think (or put energy behind). For the Illumanti wish to focus us on their world view as focus and intention tend to create and the negative faction of the “Powers that Be” do not wish us well.

10866718_1520487531537734_1325302834_nSwitch channels. What do you really want to happen? What is the highest, best outcome for all humanity, this planet, all beings, species, creatures and features?  I invite you to notice the ever-accelerating “fear porn” and stop the insanity and simply switch the channel. Turn it off.  Time out. Go into nature. Enjoy what is. Like Ram Dass says “BE HERE NOW!”

So the emotion”excited” can be fear-based or joy-based.  The Illuminati (the negative faction of the Anunnaki) want us to focus on fear and their agenda, which it seems is to maximize our planetary population, maximize the use of destructive energy systems such as fossil and nuclear fuels and produce toxic foods, environment, pollution and the like so we the people suffer from hideous diseases and die horrible deaths.  The Georgia Guide Stones clearly outline the Illuminati “Depopulation Bomb” agenda where they want to reduce the world’s population down to 500,000 (or is it 500 million?).

However, at the same time the Illuminati created (and or hijacked) the religions of the world, promoted breeding like rats so there’s more people alive to worship the “right god”, which we know is simply another interpretation (or rather more accurately a manipulation) of the God/Devil story (which is really the story of two brothers, Enki and Enlil and their extremely dysfunctional family).

Nibiru     10846329_10202993169534953_3237730878557129167_nSo it appears Nibiru’s here, now in our skies (see pictures below). As always you decide. But what does Nibiru’s coming mean? Will the pole’s shift, water’s rise, lands fall producing mass destruction (once again as before like in the times of Noah and the Great Exodus)?  Or will we have minor or no impact from Nibiru’s passing?

We’ll discuss this and more on this episode of “We the Anunnaki”.

Our format today is roundtable style with:

1.  Rounds of 3 to 5 minutes each round for each panel

2.  We we ask about 4 to 5 questions.

3.  Sometimes we just let our panelists

A) Tell us about their research or

B) Answer the question or

C) Focus on what they wish to discuss or

D) Respond to what other panel members have said

Nibiru now has her wings    13071_10202993169454951_5128673367960001569_nWe encourage our panelists to talk about themselves, their experiences and their research and conclusions.

We discourage our panelists from dissing others or gossiping (which means talking about those  who are absent and not on the show so they can’t  respond).

Possible questions we might ask or topics we will cover on this show are:

1.  Please tell us a bit about yourself, your research and your latest findings.

2.  When do you think Nibiru will come back?  If it will come back, what will happen (or not happen) and what is your evidence or information to support your beliefs?

Nibiru is here !!!   10420369_10202993169574954_1855146028678527581_n3.  Who are the Anunnaki? When did they come, what did they do and when did they leave (or did they?) and who left, who stayed?

4.  What other aliens, extraterrestrials, interdimensionals or inner earth species have interacted with humanity and when and how did they interact with us?

5.  What do you think about disclosure and when and how might it happen?

6.  Is there a God or Gods or a supreme being or council or Whatever and what do they look like? What are their characteristics and qualities?

7.  What do you believe about the nature of existence? Is there life after death? If we continue, what does that look like?



Nibiru with Wings    10395191_10202934187460438_3506866672420109925_nWe welcome your questions that we might ask in future panels? What would you like us to talk about?
Please send your ideas to us at aquarianradio@gmail.com.

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