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Bob Fletcher 1413143343Bob and Company?   I must begin by stating I am not a journalist, or a reporter, and certainly not a typist!  But, here is who I am.


“This is greatest eff-ing thing I have read in five years!”

“This is a blockbuster, like “The Firm…… this is  a direct quote of actor /producer, Emilio Estevez, after reading a rough draft of Bob Fletcher’s book, the story of my life ! Motion picture star and producer, Emilio Estevez, (Martin Sheens son ) read a draft of my book and wanted to do a movie of my life! He claimed he had showed it to his close friend, actor/producer Sean Penn and was really excited about the idea of doing the film story of my life! According to several phone calls I received while I was living in Los Angeles.

However, about the same time Sonny Bono was murdered when he planned to do an investigation into one of my reports I had done for him, and when Emilio and his friends saw Bill Clinton’s name all over the last part of the book, Emilio disappeared from the idea of doing a film!

One day he called and wanted to set up a meeting in his home in Malibu to put together a deal for the motion picture. Then he was gone!  No more phone calls.  I had forgotten his dad, Martin Sheen, was a close “drinking buddy” with Bill Clinton.

My book is not yet published, although  it was first copy- righted in 1987 as “Toys of War”, and could have been considered done at that time!  With continued amazing events involving myself, the end has not been clear.

However, it is here and available for publications and or a movie script. Hopefully we can look forward to the publication of this amazing book, soon. Reading the book is amazing, and entertaining to me, and I was the one who lived it!

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Prior to 1986 I, Bob Fletcher, was just a regular guy working toward the American dream. The most recent few years of my life story was detailed very well in the interview by The Probe Magazine written several years ago, shown in my home page.

My earlier years started out more exciting than most!  I was raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey and  at age ten , I performed as a child performer, in  the Broadway show , “Carousel “.   In my teenage years I managed a rock and roll band and played drums. Later I joined and served in the Coast Guard during the Vietnam era and after my service, I reentered the professional music industry.

As a promotion manager for MCA records, out of Miami, Florida, I soon became the Regional director with four offices, throughout the South, Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis Tennessee, under my wing.

Overseeing all recorded product for the large record company, was the professional challenge of a life time. As an energetic entrepreneur, I was always doing three things at once, but never  in my  wildest dreams expected to get involved  with arms dealers selling air craft and missiles!

After several great years in the music business, I was about to become caught up in a big way with government corruption at its worst!   As a  young  regional promotion manager for MCA (Decca Records ) and others, and with four offices under my direction I had  the greatest job a  28 year old  musician /business man could want !  Good pay, an open ended expense account, with the exciting obligation to  promote and  KICK-Off all new records done by the world biggest artists of that era. The talent included, Elton John, the WHO from England, the giant album and show Jesus Christ Superstar, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, Jack Green, Jeanie Seely and a hundred other top names.  How good can it be?

I was being paid to mix with the stars, travel when I wanted to, and to even meet and promote those older stars that I had admired as a teenager! It was interesting , later, realizing when I did work cooperatively with Sonny Bono as a Congressman, our Music background was the same. He was a promotion man, then performer, and I had even been involved with Sonny and Cher  back in the 1960’s  in a Seattle Washington appearance.Then again in the 1990’s in a Congressional inquiry..

MCA records, had launched a special promotion with the OLDIE GOLDIE stars, and I was the key mover with that exciting event. The artists I promoted in this project included, Bill Haley and the Comets, Chuck Berry, Conway Twitty and others. Imagine working with the performers you watched as a youngster on the silver screen and TV!

After a few years,  I  expanded my own creative desires by creating my own record company ,Gram-O-Phon
(Gram-o- fon )Records Inc. and two publishing companies. I produced several top 100 records for my own company.

But destiny was about to change my direction!

When record business sales slowed down worldwide, in the  mid 1970s, I began to manufacture and distribute a unique idea for a product, a toy taken from an old magicians bag of tricks, a spring loaded fur toy animal. The little hand puppet looks to be alive and was an instant novelty toy hit!

The toy was so popular that in a short time I had gone from my basement sewing operations to a 6,000 square foot custom designed manufacturing plant ,turning out the little fur creatures by the thousands !

I continued expansion with a retail sales location in the large amusement park, Six Flags over Georgia! What was about to happen was beyond anyones wildest imagination! Enter the CIA, and the Covert operations of Uncle Sam! Lurking in the shadows, and unknown to me, intelligence operatives wanted a new covert front company to cover for their arms deals. They wanted another home base from which to deal out of , I was set up, grabbed up and plowed under !

My young toy company caught their eye, and I was about to become a CIA front company. The primary character was an arms dealer named Gary Best, and he moved quickly.

I did not know he was an arms dealer, of course, and after a quick merger with one of his corporations (Vista  Distribution USA INC.) which was an importer of cheap digital watches, he introduced me to military generals, and a mix of strange  persons, all formerly  high level military. They were all, certainly not in the toy business!

After taking over my company and not  paying for my company as per our agreed, contracted schedule , Best offered me a secondary job as an information courier”  into Africa !

I was to discover later, this was on the basis of a brief  businesses partnership , that I had done for about a year or two ,1980-82, with members of the Liberian African, Embassy in Washington DC. Gary Best thought he had found a cooperative future partner, to add to his partners in the White house!

In a short time, I refused this unbelievable offer, but not until learning many of the inside facts about a large international mercenary and arms operation! When I refused to cooperate, I was locked out of the toy company.

I had lost my toy manufacturing company, and the retail operation in Six Flags Amusement Park.

It was all gone! With good contracts in hand, I contacted a lawyer friend of the family. I began to chase the bums who had done me “in” and I tracked them with my lawyer, straight to The Whitehouse!

Ollie Norths covert Iran Contra programs and others! (1986)

As, I began to move toward a court case, I was shocked by the response to a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST about my toy company! All the information about those who had stolen the business, the little toy company and all the little stuffed toys, where classified by executive order of the U.S. President,  as TOP SECRET!”

That’s right, classified to be keep, TOP SECRET for National Security! End of my possible court actions! I freaked out, my country had screwed me and threatened to kill me, and classified my toy company?

 What the Hell was going on?

So I began to investigate , seriously ,who ,what, where and why the government does this type of junk!  I found out they do it all over the place, all the time .The agents involved with these arms sales and mercenary operations are pretty well given a green light to do anything they wish as long as they accomplish the targeted objective. (Wherever and whatever that may be). Those who get screwed, killed, or otherwise taken advantage of, are just collateral damages! My story was so amazing, fortunately I wrote everything down and documented every day of this experience so I was able to write a great book!

It is not yet published but it is really amazing, and totally documented page by page! The story is just amazing, even to me! Beginning to seriously chase the bad guys, 1989!

Several years ago, I had put together a great little group of persons , in Washington D.C (Some Congressmen ,Senators and ambassadorial persons, who still cared about America, and many others around the country, who helped me to discover what was going on in the late 1980?s through the 1990s.

In 1990 , I ran for the U.S. Congress in Orlando , Florida, running against a Congressman who was not honest, that could have been anyone of them almost any time , but this one was Bill McCollum, 5th district, Orlando Florida area. 

I had assisted several representatives in many investigations in the 1980s and 1990s. 

I spoke before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and I became involved with the Patriotic groups in the 1990s. I personally assisted no less than a 100 different persons who began groups of patriots across the country. Like the John Birch Society most all the citizens involved were nonviolent Americans who realized what was going on. 

As a medically retired patriot, I continue to expose the inside criminal acts of all these liars and crooks in Washington D.C.

I do so, with an ear to the inside information from the horse’s mouth, coming to  me from many inside sources.

Also, from verifiable information from many folks who wish to help out!

I do request that, you , as an internet participant, be aware of the sources of the information on BLOGS, in general. Scrutinize the material printed and look for documentation!  Many well-meaning persons take a small part of someone elses story, repeat it out of context, add a little of their own and print it!  That does as much harm as an intentionally false informational release will do!

What is our purpose?

I will keep you informed weekly as completely as I can. Keeping an eye on the one world movement, as they slowly accomplish the destruction of America for their own benefit! 

Prepare for the worst, if it does not happen you have lost nothing, due to the preparation!

If you are not prepared and they will accomplish their plans for world unification you lose everything due to lack of preparation!  

I believe the constitution is finished! And I believe the one world will be created as I fore-saw in the early 1990’s

The use of terrorism and financial destruction, worldwide, as a reason for “bringing the world under one big new order.” Make no mistake, everything that is going on today was planned years ago and much of those plans I exposed accurately and spelled them out in the first DVD titled, Invasion and Betrayal.” (still available here from us.)

Keep Informed, keep some money in the mattress and keep your food reserves dry!

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