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christopher-obrien-22222Since 1992, Christopher O’Brien has investigated over one thousand paranormal events reported in the San Luis Valley–located in South-central Colorado/North Central New Mexico. Working with law enforcement officials, ex-military, ranchers and an extensive network of skywatchers, from 1992 to 2002 he documented one of the most intense waves of unexplained activity ever reported from a single geographic region of North America. His ten-year investigation resulted in the three books of his “mysterious valley” trilogy, The Mysterious Valley, Enter the Valley, and Secrets of the Mysterious Valley.
His meticulous field investigation of UFO reports, unexplained livestock deaths, Native American legends, cryptozoology, secret military activity and the folklore, found in the world’s largest alpine valley, has produced one of the largest databases of unusual occurrences gathered from a single geographic region.


He is currently working with a team of specialists installing a high-tech video surveillance and hard-data monitoring system in and around the San Luis Valley. His latest book Stalking the Tricksters has been released by Adventures Unlimited Press. This controversial book distills his years of field investigation and research into an ingenious unified paranormal theory that is sure to create intense interest and controversy.

promo-christopher-obrienMedia Projects

O’Brien, an entertaining, thought-provoking speaker, is the co-host for the popular radio program, The Paracast and he has been a guest on Coast-to-Coast and hundreds of other radio shows. He has also been seen on recently broadcast TV programs such as: Ancient Aliens, Weird or What, Conspiracy Theory and UFO Hunters. Starting in the early ’90s, Chris developed, supplied footage, field-produced and appeared in four segments of the Paramount television program Sightings and was featured on Inside Edition, Extra.

Christopher O’Brien author of: The Mysterious Valley, Enter the Valley, Secrets of the Mysterious Valley, Stalking the Tricksters, Stalking the Herd and My Dog Sings Chopin, Conversations With Ray Stanford (published).


Co-host of The Paracast GCN Network Radio Program

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