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Harry Drew resides in Arizona and is highly regarded for his professional ethic, impeccable credentials and trusted results as an old fashioned Indiana Jones type of researcher who takes his fieldwork seriously and has an uncanny ability to ferret out the truth no matter how it‘s been distorted.

Drew is a Cultural Resource Specialist in Ancient Civilizations, a former Director and Curator of Museums of History, Anthropology and Archeology, as well as being a newspaper columnist and author of history for the past 40 years. Drew is also an experienced documentarian with expertise in visual media, photography, television and film production, and in the field of fine arts.

Drew’s current works on UFO history include his Terminal Approach™ DVD series: “Hidden in Plain Sight – The Kingman harry-drewUFO Crashes“©; Bay Area UFO CON 2012 Presentation on “Hidden in Plain Sight – The Kingman UFO Crashes”© and Harry’s forthcoming fully illustrated book “7 Days in May – The Kingman UFO Story”© that is filled with high resolution color photos taken during his six years doing research and field work, as well as other DVDs and books set for release in the coming year.

Keeping within the field of traditional history, Drew’s latest history book revisits an earlier award winning biography he wrote about a pioneer woman photographer during the Victorian era in the pacific northwest and it will be followed by new editions of his popular “Pages From the Past” series.

Drew has been associated with the UFO community for many years and worked with Bob Brown as the official photographer for the International UFO Congress (IUFOC) and Film Festival at Laughlin, Nevada as well as with Cece Stevens ’World Mystery” Conference at Tempe, Arizona. Drew’s first encounter with UFOs came at age 6 and has been an ongoing part of his life.

Harry Drew Interview ~ 09/13/14 ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin

The Kingman Az UFO Crashes With UFO Researcher Harry Drew & Host Mike (MJ) Lucas

Published on Jan 25, 2014
Join UFO Researcher Harry Drew & Host Mike (MJ) Lucas (Inception Radio Network) as they explore the Kingman UFO Crashes of 1953 which has been clouded by what seems to be an organized diversionary effort to keep the truth from being revealed. Claims about the date of the crash, the recovery process, the crafts’ crew members, the highways taken, and underground bases, have been distorted and manipulated to keep the public from knowing what really happened at Kingman Arizona in May 1953. Why?

Stories abound of roads and places where events were supposed to have happened that never existed in 1953. Well known facts to residents in Kingman. These stories lack original research and do nothing but propagate myths. Drew’s work sets the record straight and provides COMPELLING NEW EVIDENCE previously unknown about the Kingman Arizona UFO crashes of 1953.

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For over 60 years the Kingman UFO story has been widely discussed. As time passed the story became muddled and distorted by outlandish Exaggerator stories that lacked any semblance of scholarly research or fieldwork. Statements made by early first-hand eye witnesses were ignored, deliberately minimalized, and in some cases demonized.

The Kingman UFO story dates back to May 1953 and concerns the safe landing of a UFO with a four member crew that survived uninjured, and two UFO crashes that followed where half of the UFO crews survived and half perished. All the crews were believed to be extraterrestrials.

As an historian and professional investigative researcher, Harry Drew began active research on the Kingman UFO story in 2006 to determine if there had ever been a Kingman UFO, or if the entire story was a myth.

After six years research, Drew uncovered evidence the Kingman UFO story was the blending of two separate UFO events, one about a UFO landing and the other about a UFO crash that happened four days later, and then Drew discovered there had been a third UFO crash that was missed altogether by ‘outsiders‘, because word about the three UFOs and what happened at Kingman in 1953 was kept a complete secret!   

Harry Drew AtCrashSiteStory9-23-11_000Harry Drew’s unrelenting and tenacious work proves that “Finding small clues can add up to finding big answers”. © The exploitation of facts from documents, reports, maps, early and contemporary interviews, plus grueling field-trips across snake infested rocky buttes and barren deserts led to finding UFO sites in pristine and unaltered condition that included physical evidence in ’situ’ just as the military left it!

Harry Drew has discovered explosive new evidence that reveals why UFOs were flying near Kingman, along with what caused the UFOs to suddenly fall from the sky, and the reason why the witnesses stayed mum and kept the entire story a secret.  Drew’s illustrated book

“7 Days In May – The Kingman UFO Story” will clarify one of the most extraordinary UFO stories in U. S. history about the landing of an undamaged UFO that became the basis for the entire Area 51 story. 


 TOURS: September – May    Scheduled through  Alpventures – Top Secret Tours


Baja Paranormal Institute    San Felipe, Mexico  ’Featured Speaker’                       2011

International MUFON Symposium Cincinnati, Ohio ‘Featured Speaker’               2012

Bay Area UFO CON   San Jose, California   Speaker – Panelist                                     2012

Paranormal Insights Show  Season 3 ‘Guest’  Sacramento, California                    2012

Conscious Life Expo Los Angeles, California   Speaker – Panelist                              2012

International UFO Congress  Scottsdale, Arizona   Vendor – Interviews                2013

New Living Expo   San Francisco, CA    Speaker – Panelist                                           2013

International UFO Congress Europa   Italy via author Steve Bell                             2013

10th Annual Gallup New Mexico UFO Film Festival 6 hr production/speaker    2013

The Navajo Times New Mexico state newspaper video & featured narrator       2013

International Route 66 Festival first look new Film ’7 Days in May’    August    2014

Starworks UFO – Paranormal Conference  Laughlin, Nevada         November     2014

New DVD & Book Release ‘7 Days In May – The Kingman UFO Story’                    2014 – 2015

International UFO Congress    Tarquinia, Italy   ‘Featured Speaker’                     May 30, 2015  



                                          Expanded List Available Upon Request


 “I look forward to working with you. I’m sorry I was not able to meet you in Covington, Ky. I was however fortunate enough to have attended your presentation there. I found it riveting material”

 Dale J. Brown, State Director North Dakota MUFON

 “Harry your work sounds incredible and I wish you the best of luck continuing with it. This is not easy work, and it’s not something accomplished in a weekend. And getting the facts out to a larger audience, minus the bull, is another tough job. Best of luck with any projects that help promote the work – in film and literary works. These stories need to be told; and based on solid research like you are doing.”

 Roger Marsh, The Examiner.com

 “Harry Drew’s ‘Hidden In Plain Sight – The Kingman UFO Crashes’  to all my friends if you don’t believe in other life from other solar systems get this video .. This is the real thing!”

 David Strickler Sr.

 “Harry Drew delivers the goods! An Historian and Documentarian by profession, Harry Drew has the nose for sniffing out the facts about the elusive 1953 Kingman UFO crashes. I was both impressed and pleased by his depth of knowledge on the Kingman case and his dedication to getting the story straight. My tour group hung on every word – and we were amazed at actually being able to visit one of the crash sites – Thank you Harry, for fantastic tour!”

 Tony – Portland, Oregon

 “The Best there is … Brilliant”

 Kathleen, Sunnyvale, CA

 REVIEWS continued

 “Harry Drew’s exemplary work on the Kingman UFO Crash is an in-depth and inspiring investigation that covers many years. His attention to detail is remarkable and his evidence cannot be disputed.“  

 Steve Hudgeons Jr.

MUFON Director of Investigations

Host of ‘The Texas UFO Radio Show’

 “The Kingman UFO Crash – Hidden In Plain Sight, Very informative DVD about a crash site cover up that happened in 1953. Author, Historian Harry Drew shares the REAL STORY.  A Must See for UFO Hunters and Enthusiasts!”

 Diane –  Indiana

 “Col. Wendelle Stevens and my Dad, a Lt Col. In the USAF both told Me about the Kingman Crashes, so Harry Drew is telling the truth, the Kingman Crashes are the Key to the whole UFO Story as the secret space program comes from there!”

 Bill Brophy

 “Harry – Your research and knowledge is mind blowing on the Kingman UFO events!”

 Pat … KTKK AM 630 – ’The Fringe Radio Show’

 “Thank you Mr. Drew for your extensive and Highly detailed research on the Kingman UFO crash .. You have undeniable proof of the EVENT with years of dedicated fieldwork .. It’s a joy to follow your brilliant unfolding evidence on this matter“.

 Maggie Johnson

 REVIEWS continued

 “Today I had the pleasure to present at the 15th Congress of Ufology in Tarquinia – Italy. A large part of my talk was dedicated to the reason I chose the Kingman Incident of 1953 for the basis of my Novel – and I had the chance to present a summary of the latest findings of Harry Drew. It was extremely well received and sparked a lot of interest in Harry’s work. I would like to thank Harry for his support and allowing me to use his images and summarize his fantastic research”

Author Steve Bell

 “Harry Drew- pre-eminent historian and investigative researcher, delved deep into the mysteries and rumors about the 1953 Kingman UFO crash, and was able to uncover far beyond what he imagined. His fact finding journey led him to find the Kingman UFO landing site and evidence of two crashes, during seven days of undeniable proof of extraterrestrial activity around Kingman, Arizona that continues to this day.”

Harry has an extraordinary intuitive gift that guides him to finding archeological ruins and hidden mysteries and is a gifted healer and experiencer as well.”

Dr. Joan Hangarter, DC, author,
visionary, speaker
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