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harry-drewHarry Drew, who resides in Arizona, is highly regarded for his professional ethic and trusted    results as an Author and Historian. He is a former  Director and Curator of Museums of History, Anthropology and Archaeology, Cultural Resource Specialist in Ancient Civilizations, newspaper   columnist and author of history for the past 40 years.

Drew is an experienced documentarian with expertise in visual media, photography, television and film production since 1972.  Drew’s current works on history include “Terminal Approach™- The Kingman UFO Crashes“© which reveals details about his astonishing discoveries from six years of professional research and field work about the 1953 Kingman UFO crashes.

sat 3pm HARRY DREW sfA pre-release about this project entitled ‘Hidden in Plain Sight – The Kingman UFO Crashes’© was released on DVD in early 2013, followed by more titles in the ‘Terminal Approach’™ series on DVD and in Book form, along with a biography about a pioneer woman photographer during the Victorian era in the Pacific Northwest, plus several new editions of his popular “Pages From The Past” series are in progress.

Drew continues to provide his Lectures on traditional history and is an active, articulate, and sought after well versed Speaker within his fields of expertise.   

Drew worked with Bob Brown as the Official Photographer for the original and highly successful International UFO Congress (IUFOC) and Film Festival held at Laughlin, Nevada, and has been closely associated with the UFO and Paranormal community for many years.

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The Kingman Az UFO Crashes With UFO Researcher Harry Drew & Host Mike (MJ) Lucas

Published on Jan 25, 2014
Join UFO Researcher Harry Drew & Host Mike (MJ) Lucas (Inception Radio Network) as they explore the Kingman UFO Crashes of 1953 which has been clouded by what seems to be an organized diversionary effort to keep the truth from being revealed. Claims about the date of the crash, the recovery process, the crafts’ crew members, the highways taken, and underground bases, have been distorted and manipulated to keep the public from knowing what really happened at Kingman Arizona in May 1953. Why?

Stories abound of roads and places where events were supposed to have happened that never existed in 1953. Well known facts to residents in Kingman. These stories lack original research and do nothing but propagate myths. Drew’s work sets the record straight and provides COMPELLING NEW EVIDENCE previously unknown about the Kingman Arizona UFO crashes of 1953.

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Topic: UFO – Harry Drew – The Return of Harry Drew – HD 720P

Published on Dec 28, 2013
Harry Drew joins Rick for this final episode of Topic: UFO / Season 3 and for the year 2013. Harry discusses the new article in Route 66 magazine written about him and his research of the Kingman, Arizona UFO Crash of 1953. Harry also shares some recent sighting news that has taken place over Kingman, Arizona in the last few weeks.


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