Cosmic Consciousness ~ 08/12/14 ~ Michael Lee Hill, Robert Evans, Jr. & Betsey Lewis

God-s-Messengers-angels-8047909-1024-768Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview guests Michael Lee Hill and Betsey Lewis on Cosmic Consciousness, Tuesday, August 12, 2014 from 3 to 5 PM, HST (Hawaii time), 6 to 8 PM Pacific time on

Call in number is 646-649-0893.

poseidonMFirst hour is Michael Lee Hill and we pick up our discussion on the Anunnaki and their involvement in human affairs. Who is AR Bordon? What is the Link? What is the Linkage Institute?  We keep digging and coming up with more. Soon we’ll solve all the mysteries of the Universe!  Was Jesus an alien? Was he an Anunnaki? If so, which one? Was he of the Enki or Enlil clan? What are angels?  Did the Anunnaki leave?  Did they all leave or just some of them?  What’s the plan for the human race and planet Earth?

Michael met the Anunnaki Marduk at an event in upstate New York.  What’s it like to meet a God?  What message does Marduk have for u?

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Robert Evans, Jr. reports on the following:
HTTP://WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK/NEWS/WORLD/MIDDLE-EAST/WHO-ARE-THE-YAZIDIS-9662457.HTML  ~ They are closely related to the Zoroastrians, the ancient religion on a mountain top in Iraq.  ~ This says much about what the Vatican knows


Angels, Aliens and Prophecy II:  

Betsey Lewis, a psychic-medium and earth mysteries investigator for over 40 years, explores the evidence that extraterrestrials have visited earth long before and during Biblical times, and for the first time she writes about the urgent message that was imparted to her as a small child through prophetic dreams and visions. In 1983 Lewis uncovered surprising information about her UFO encounters from her hypnotic regression sessions conducted by renowned author MUFON investigator, Ann Druffel. A secret was given to her as a child, but erased from her memory until recently.

angel2She reveals the secret, her predictions for the future, and shares how she believes humanity will rise to meet the challenges we face in the 21st century, a time she refers to as “the twelfth hour where we can either watch everything die or create a new world. What is a time shift and can we alter time lines? What did a time traveler from the year 2036 reveal in the year 2000 about our future and possible World War III. 

Do alien-human hybrids exist?  How do you know if you are one?  Have you or someone you loved been used in the human hybrid breeding program?

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