M.A. Carrano, Margie Kay, Princess Sirene Harakawa Ra ~ 08/06/14 ~ Ascension Center

astrologyHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J Morris interview M.A. Carrano, Margie Kay & Princess Sirene Harakawa Ra on the Ascension Center, August 6, 2014, 3 to 5 PM, HST (Hawaii time), 6 to 8 PM Pacific time on a simultcast of www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio and www.blogtalkradio.com/tjmorrisetradio.

Today’s show is in three segments:  We we begin broadcasting at 2 PM HST.  Host Janet Kira Lessin interviews M.A. Carrano, 08/06/14 on the Cosmic Consciousness show on Aquarian Radio (www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio) from 2 to 3 PM, HST (Hawaii time), 5 to 6 PM Pacific time. Join us in the chat. We cover a wide variety of topics today from astrology to psychics to spirituality and more.

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M.A. CarranoM.A. is an experimental philosopher and systems consultant living and working out of Yale-New Haven, Connecticut, as the Senior Intelligence Analyst and Vice President of Avatar Paradigms: a consulting agency whose mission is to bring the message of holism, synergy and conscious evolution into the homes, universities and corporate board rooms throughout the United States. As a former U.S. Congressional candidate and author of Asleep in the Helix: Survival & the Science of Self-Realization, at present Carrano resides as the sitting Chair of Philosophy for The Libertarian Party of Connecticut as well as an acting representative of the Global Association of Systems Thinkers.


Margie Kay RedSecond hour we feature guest Margie Kay.  We begin our simulcast with co-host Theresa J. Morris and will continue our show for the next two hours.

Kay is a trained psychic and paranormal investigator with 33 years experience. She is clairsentient (feels), clairaudient (hears),clairvoyant (sees), and does remote viewing.   Kay owns a construction business in Kansas City, Missouri, is the purbliser of Un-X News Magazine and host of Un-X News Radio show, where she interviews nationally known guests. 

Princess Siren Harakawa 9098256We are then joined by Princess Siren Harakawa Ra.

Her Grace, Princess Harakawa Ra recently joined the team of  WCH (We Care For Humanity) as a member of the Advisory Council.

Princess Harakawa’s birth into the world began in the 70’s. Her family is multi cultural of African (formerly called Nubia), Asian-Indian and Portuguese descent. This variety is what gives her a grand picture of unity. She knew very early in life that she was one truly extraordinary child a “starseed” born to enhance the lives of all those that grace her presence and eyes always looking towards the stars.

A native America Cherokee tribe family friend’s in the Carolina’s where she spent some of her childhood moments when her mother and father had to travel, their tribal chief gave her the name “Bluesky Goddess” because her beautiful presence and smile is like light from the sky. Princess Harakawa’s memory of her childhood is astonishing beginning 18 hours after birth until now present day total recall.

Contact Princess Harakawa on facebook on https://www.facebook.com/NubianAsianPrincess?fref=ts






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