Princess Sirene Harakawa Ra ~ Bio

Her Grace, Princess Harakawa Ra recently joined the team of  WCH (We Care For Humanity) as a member of the Advisory Council.

siren-harakawa-IMG_20130705_095944Princess Harakawa’s birth into the world began in the 70’s. Her family is multi cultural of African (formerly called Nubia), Asian-Indian and Portuguese descent. This variety is what gives her a grand picture of unity. She knew very early in life that she was one truly extraordinary child a “starseed” born to enhance the lives of all those that grace her presence and eyes always looking towards the stars. A native America Cherokee tribe family friend’s in the Carolina’s where she spent some of her childhood moments when her mother and father had to travel, their tribal chief gave her the name “Bluesky Goddess” because her beautiful presence and smile is like light from the sky. Princess Harakawa’s memory of her childhood is astonishing beginning 18 hours after birth until now present day total recall.

She has always aimed to be a pillar of all encompassing love and inspiration. She is self taught in many aspects and believes in going inside your self library for the puriest wisdom that you are born with upon arrival. Her vision for the world is abundance and happiness for the true seeker of inner light. Princess stands for humanity as a whole, all is one in her eyes and she expresses the need for realization of oneness in this spectacular universe. Since her vision of the graces of being a child is still firmly in her minds eye and daily memory it gives her the higher sense to notice that children born to the Earth holds a special key and all should pay attention to the imagination of fresh eyes that glance upon the world.

HRH PRINCESS HARAKAWA RA- 2nd G.O.D. Awards Presenter

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