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M.A. CarranoHost Janet Kira Lessin interviews M.A. Carrano on 08/06/14 on the Cosmic Consciousness show on Aquarian Radio (www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio) from 2 to 3 PM, HST (Hawaii time), 5 to 6 PM Pacific time.
MA is an experimental philosopher and systems consultant living and working out of Yale-New Haven, Connecticut, as the Senior Intelligence Analyst and Vice President of Avatar Paradigms: a consulting agency whose mission is to bring the message of holism, synergy and conscious evolution into the homes, universities and corporate board rooms throughout the United States. As a former U.S. Congressional candidate and author of Asleep in the Helix: Survival & the Science of Self-Realization, at present Carrano resides as the sitting Chair of Philosophy for The Libertarian Party of Connecticut as well as an acting representative of the Global Association of Systems Thinkers.

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567After the introduction, we progress to a conversation. Talking points include:
1. What are Metanoetics?
2. How do Metanoetics apply to fields such as astrology?
3. From a Metanoetic perspective, in what way is the astrological hypothesis a logically coherent  hypothesis and to what degree is skepticism in astrology both justified and not justified?
4. From a Metanoetic perspective, what cosmological mechanisms could possibly be responsible for astrological effects?
5. From a Metanoetic perspecitve, what objective evidence exists to substantiate the astrological hypothesis?
astrology1233336. From a Metanoetic perspective, in what ways can astrology be used to make scientific predictions, to increase our understanding of world events and to improve the quality of our lives?
7. Last but not least, from a Metanoetic perspective, what conclusions can we confidently draw from the available evidence about the validity of astrology?
These six talking points, when explained in a listener friendly format that’s engaging for audiences, should provide for as little as 45 minutes and roughly up to an hour of content, depending on the show’s time constraints.
“If you would like to reach M.A. Carrano, experimental philosopher and systems consultant, to request an expert opinion, to arrange for a public appearance, a speaking event or to purchase life coaching, business counseling, personal training and existential consulting services – or even simply to field your questions or concerns regarding matters of personal, professional, political or philosophical importance – then feel at liberty to visit his website at www.avatarparadigms.com to submit an inquiry.
1) Here’s a link to Percy Seymour’s material on The Magus of Magnetism.
2) Here’s a link to Ervin Laszlo’s material on the Akashic Field.
3) Here’s a link to Richard Tarnas’ research on historical correlations of world transits with world events.
4) Here’s a link to Michel Gauquelin’s research.
5) Here’s a link to Michael Shermer being debunked on his own show by Astrology Jeffrey Armstrong.
6) Last but not least, here’s a link to my own website where my material is available to others.
The combination of this material here makes it simple and easy for the available sources to be experienced directly so that skeptics can learn more about astropsychology.




Michael Shermer debunked by Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong on his own show

Published on Sep 28, 2013
Jeffrey Armstrong debunks Michael Shermer
I’ve always known that there was something to astrology, even though there’s no scientific basis to it by conventional standards. Nevertheless, the patterns DO EXIST, and I mean patterns far above chance that cannot be explained by chance.


– I’ve always had a kindred spirit and connection with Cancers, for instance. Not saying 100 percent, but at least 70 or 80 percent. The PATTERN is definitely there. Not a coincidence.

In fact, there have been several occasions where I knew a person was a Cancer even though they NEVER told me their birthdate or sign, and I turned out to be RIGHT! I swear it.

– During my travels, I found that an unusually high percentage of girls I met were Aries. I’m talking a much higher percentage than a 1 in 12 chance. Perhaps Aries are more likely to be brave enough to talk to strangers? I don’t know, but the pattern is definitely there.

– Also, variations of Astrology like Chinese Purple Heart and Indian Vedic Astrology have produced extremely birth charts and predictions for my life and others that are highly specific and accurate, not general.

– And besides, we know that the power elite use it in their Occult Rituals (Freemasons, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, etc.) so it must work or else they wouldn’t be using it.

So you see, even without conventional scientific basis, the PATTERNS are still there, and I mean patterns far ABOVE chance.

Therefore, the skeptics like James Randi and John Stossel of ABC who claim that Astrology is all about general claims that apply to anyone are WRONG in my view and reflect total IGNORANCE of Astrology on their part.

No system, even a metaphysical one, is perfect or infallible. But Astrology definitely does get SPECIFICS about a person right that chance or educated guesses do not. And I’m talking about specifics that do not apply to everyone.

It gets even more accurate when you use Indian Vedic Astrology or Chinese Purple Heart Astrology, which is based on I Ching principles. Readings from those systems have even pinpointed specific years when certain things would happen in my life which came true, as well as specific addiction and talents that I possess, which do NOT apply to most people.

Simply put, the skeptics are wrong. Their explanations go against my firsthand experience. And it’s unfortunate that they are too closed minded to admit that there are forces in the multi-dimensional universe that they don’t understand.

For more information visit www.JeffreyArmstrong.com

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