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Robert Evans Jr 1530547_1384228551830300_607915217_nWHAT NASA AND THE US GOVERNMENT DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE:  Alien Star Ships Hidden In Plain Sight

From UFO Con 2013: Robert will touch upon the topics mentioned in his biography below and will go in-depth regarding his years long research on Starships Around The Sun, for the first time in UFO History — and his! Robert will discuss what the Satellite images show and possible types of Alien Technology being used by the Alien Star Ships — as we will see in the pictures. PLUS, Robert will have a surprise for those gathered to hear his first “UFO Community” presentation … something VERY SPECIAL will be shown.

2005 11 12 0719  Large winged star shipBOB EVANS attended College of San Mateo for their Reserve Police Offers Class in 1989-90, but was unable to attend the Academy and become an officer due to financial reasons at time in his life. A few years later he ran for U.S. Congress as a Republican, against Tom Lantos (D) in both 1996 & 1998.

Roberts’s interest in ancient Nibiru, and the Anunnaki, lead him to start researching when Nibiru’s last appearance might have accrued. Having found a possible time for when this possible were to happen, his research took him to ancient Egypt and a highly trained Egyptian Scribe named Ipuwer. Ipuwer pointed him in the direction of the first Egyptian Pharaoh to reunite Upper and Lower Egypt for the first time in several hundred years, Ahmose-1. This lead Robert to what is now known as The Tempest Stele of Pharaoh Ahmose-1.

20120713_1618_c3_1024 The Kolbrin Bible added more clues to the puzzle as Ipuwer told a second version of what was to be known as The Exodus! The Slaves and the Evildoers left Egypt during a huge storm Egypt had never seen before … lead by a Priest Prince of the Inner Courtyard of Pharaoh. Ipuwer talked of a huge reddish moon shape that filled most of the skies over Egypt for almost 10 days. Ipuwer’s account in The Kolbrin almost matched with what The Tempest Stele also talked about, along with the Holy Bible’s account. This research also lead Robert to wonder when we Humans might have been contacted by the Anunnaki, if they still lived.

Robert’s research was helped by his friends, when they started offering their NASA-SOHO images showing what looked like Alien Star Ships arriving into our system. As it turned out, this also lead to Robert’s learning about the 1954 secret meeting President Eisenhower had with three Alien Races at MUROC Air Field, in Southern California. Los Angles Catholic Bishop, F. McIntyre, was also invited to be there as the President’s Spiritual Adviser for the important meeting. The Bishop, after being told he would have to remain silent, went straight to Rome, and reported to Pope Pius XII.
Robert’s interest into the NASA-SOHO Satellite images were really fueled after learning this information, which caused him to start collecting them as fast as he could! This also led Robert to learn as much as he could about how much our Governments have been working with the arriving Alien Races. For more information visit:

UFO Sightings Anunnaki Winged God? Incredible Evidence Whistle Blower Explains 2013

Published on Jun 17, 2013

Bob Evans UFO Investigator into SOHO Images that could be the Anunnaki Winged God! Thirdphaseofmoon Exclusive Interview! Quote By Bob Evans”Please compare the above ancient Sumerian wall carving of their Anunnaki Winged God to the image above it … in this image you can clearly see the God Figure in the center, with a nice Harness holding him to a large set of Birds Wings … the Birds Wings have landing gear, shown as a long pole, with round wheels attached at the bottom … the Birds Wings look so damn close to the white ship in the image above the carving”

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Bob Evans and Art Cambell on Surrounded by Idiots, 1-6-12

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2012
During the show we replay the alien signals once more and once again our internet connection is interrupted.

UFO researcher Art Cambell joins Bob Evans and Bill Xam to discuss President Eisenhower and his meeting with aliens.

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