The Maui UFO ~ How To Prove We Don’t Lie?

UFOs markusram3-jp1How can we tell the true UFO research from the intentional hoaxes, government disinformation, or egotistic fame and money seekers?  Simple: We do NOT pay people for their UFO reports. We do NOT offer fame. Most of our witnesses are anonymous to prevent fame and marketing. And WHY would government agencies harass us, threaten us, spy on us, cause us to disappear, and kill us—if we were inventing hoaxes?  The history of Ufology since 1947 has been hundreds of hoaxers who wrote books, lectured and gave talk shows who were NEVER hassled like the above!  The government likes the hoaxers because, like the government itself, hoaxers spread DISINFORMATION that confuses, disrupts, divides, and disillusions the gullible “true believers”.
The secret government agencies love all the world famous UFO authors, organizations, magazine writers and lecturers who negatively criticize each other, refuse to speak to each other, write terrible things about each other, and divide up our disclosure movement into bickering factions!  UNITY is what they are most afraid of!  There is POWER and influence in UNITY and ONE CAUSE!
TROUBLE IN PARADISE ~ Are their really Men in Black?  The many reports tell of strangers in dark black expensive looking suits, with black expensive cars, dark sunglasses, slicked dark hair, glaring evil eyes, and often cameras and tape recorders—who threaten, harass, and “silence” UFO witnesses to not tell publicly what they saw.  Cars have included Cadilacs, Lincoln Continentals, BMWs, and 1930s gangster cars looking brand new and restored. There are often 3 Men in Black together. Some of the best research published was by John Keel, who covered the big 1967 UFO flap in west Virginia, where many witnesses saw UFOs, strange beings, and Men in Black.
9-22-07-MAUI-HAWAII-MUFON-1024x767I wondered if this was all real until 1972, when people arriving at our Department of Interplanetary Affairs office on Maui, said they saw Men in Black across the street, with telephoto lenses, taking photos of people entering. Soon our phone was tapped, we were being followed by these guys, and they even got restaurant tables next to ours to listen in. One of them got up and asked if we knew where Leslie Potts is? He was then our main UFO researcher, and had supplied the UFOinformation and connections for the Hollywood movie, RAINBOW BRIDGE to expose the  government cover up. I said I did not know, which was true, because Leslie was said to be living in a hidden cave on the Northwestern corner of Maui. He had not been in town lately.  Then the guy warned us to shut up.
In the midj-1970s Bob Lewis took over the international directorship of our department temporarily, when director Gabriel Green was no longer traveling. Bob moved to Biarritz, France on a mission to set up our department in Europe. He later wrote a letter saying that Men in Black had ripped off his UFO files in France. After that, we never heard of Bob for about 40 years, until I met him accidentally at a crowded beach in California in 2014!  He explained what had happened after he disappeared and never did his job of staying in frequent contact with our Maui headquarters. I only met him in 2014 because we both surfed and went to see a big surfing reunion contest.
Ufo-ImageI mentioned earlier that after our national and international mail began to disappear, and our leaders around the world never got our messages and vice-versa (no Internet then); and phone calls did not go through—we suspected some secret government agency was trying to destroy our leadership by destroying our communications. That was the year that our landlord told us that the FBI told him to evict us from our world headquarters, because “They are a threat to National Security.”  We got evicted.  A little over a year later my secretary of international communications, Maureen Maharry, was assassinated by the CIA on Kauai, after she had written me a letter about how she found out about a top secret underground base there. I would have been there to be also murdered, if I had not changed my airplane reservation that same morning due to a business deal!
During those years some of our world and national directors vanished without a trace, and to this day we never heard from them again. They were all required to maintain weekly communications with our Maui office, they did so for months, then suddenly disappeared!
Haleakala UFO 20488340Steven Tyler in 1971 was the Director of Xian International on the East Coast of the United States, based in Miami, and in charge of spreading our research all over the east.
Department of Interplanetary Affairs was a division of Xian International.  This is important to remember!  Our Director for the Western Hemisphere, David McCain, volunteered to go to Costa Rica, purchase land, rent an office, and establish a new world headquarters in that nation. The reason was all the harassment at our center on Maui.  I had gone to Costa Rica in 1969, found very cheap land and rent, very low food costs, relatively few tourists, and one of the best governments in the world!  Unlike other Central American nations that had lots of wars and revolutions, Costa Rica had not had a war or revolution for over a hundred years!  The government was very democratic, altruistic, and welcomed foreign business then. Mccain found land there for as low as seven dollars per acre and bought it. He wrote he had a new center for us, so all the department directors and members of our Supreme Council could migrate to Costa Rica.
White-Sands-UFO5Of course we need more money. Steve Tyler wrote he had over ten thousand dollars, and was going to go to Costa Rica and use it to build mini-domes  and home pyramids; and communal structures for our settlement. These could be constructed for as little as $500 each in those days. It was enough money for our 7 members Supreme Council, which then included Tyler, McCain, myself—and Englishman Andrew Bailey (in charge of the Eastern Hemisphere), Kim Pierce (from Australia who ran our center in Brazil); Marty Duran (who was to build our greatest alternative commune of all times on Hawaii Island), and Phylis Dixon in New Zealand.
Kim and Andy had plenty of financing also. Andy owned THE FLOATING COSMIC UNIVERSITY, which annually traveled from Maui through Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean and up the East Coast, giving classes on UFOs, ETs and cosmic enlightenment. Pierce and associates had built us an Xian Pyramid in Brazil and had a commune there too we could migrate into.
However, Tyler vanished on his way from Miami to Maui for a Summit Meeting with our leaders. Months later we found out he had been arrested, all his UFO documents and Xian documents were confiscated (including from our Xian Intelligence Agency); and he was put in a Federal prison under solitary confinement!
ufo-testUnable to convict with credible charges, Tyler was released and wrote he was on his way to Costa Rica with the money. He vanished without a trace!  In 2014 we still have never heard from him, McCain said he never showed up in Costa Rica, and we cannot find him on the Internet.
After that McCain disappeared from our world communications network. We never got a letter and he never responded to our mail.  Since McCain and Tyler were BOTH in our SUPREME COUNCIL, this makes absoluately no sense!  Those members were deemed the most efficient, reliable and dependable Xians in the whole world!  The only alternative explanation is that they were either assassinated, silenced by the Men in Black, or rotted away in prison.  What else?
Several other important Xians who left for Costa Rica, reported they made it there, disappeared from our network without explanation.   A couple of years later Kim Pierce, in our Supreme Council, in charge of our project in Brazil, suddenly disappeared from our network. We never heard from her ever again.
ufo1All of these leaders were very healthy, vibrant and enthusiastic last time I met them!
McCain was replaced with United Nations Ambassador Farida Iskiovet, from Indonesia, who took over Xian in the West. In Part One I mentioned how Ambassador Iskiovet, in our Supreme Council of our Planetary Council of Planetary Citizens (Xians)—represented us at the United Nations General Assembly. She influenced the President of the United Nations, Adam Malik, to accept much of our agendas. Ambassador Iskiovet was also in charge of supplying UFO research to the United Nations. Yet, in 1975, she vanished forever from our communications network and we never heard from her ever again!  She was no longer in the United Nations either!

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  1. Jeannie Hartley (former name Jeannie Miller) /

    Who is writing this article? Maureen Maharry was my best friend on Maui. I will never forget the day I found out she had been murdered in Anahola. Omar (Steve) was also a very dear friend as was David Mc Cain who had disappeared at sea ( so I thought) please write me back.

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