THE MAUI UFO REPORT ~ Seven Sacred Pools Vortex by Steve Omar

7-sacred-pools-maui-cover-two      A popular energy vortex attraction on Maui is the edenic, paradise Seven Sacred Pools and waterfalls in the Hana district, where there have been many UFO sightings for decades. In 1980, a woman Peggy Brown and her husband were driving to that park for overnight camping, when they saw a large UFO overhead of the Hana Highway. It appeared to be a “mother ship” unloading smaller scout craft, that dove down near their car and then shot back up to the larger ship. Later the two pitched a tent and set up their camp at the Seven Sacred Pools, and a blue, glowing UFO landed on the adjacent ridge. The couple saw two tall beings emerge with glowing white spacesuits. The occupants began to walk slowly toward the frightened witnesses, who fled into their tent. Peggy said that one of the beings touched her, she panicked, and it departed and the UFO took off.
    However, there was typical “missing time” and Peggy wondered if they had been abducted. I interviewed both witnesses independently for no contradictions. Peggy was traumatized, did not seek payment or publicity, and had no reason we could imagine to invent this story.
    3767640634_c306eea328By 1974 there were so many UFO reports from the 7 Sacred Pools, that my secretary Cathy Conway, her brother, Kent Liscum, and a few others took an expedition to see for themselves. Cathy had never seen a UFO, so she requested the day off work from our office. I told her she got one day off and to be back at work on time. It is important to note that Liscum was then our Director of the Department of Interplanetary Affairs for Maui Island, who was trained as a UFO researcher and led the trek.
Two days passed and my secretary failed to show up at work as scheduled. Later on her brother arrived traumatized with the others, and said that his sister had been abducted by a UFO at the 7 Sacred Pools, in front of their eyes!  They said that a glowing UFO appeared at the pools and moved out over the nearby ocean. Conway decided to dive into the ocean, swim out under the UFO, and get a closer look. They said a beam of light came out of the UFO, hit Cathy, and she disappeared forever.
      Also traumatized was her romantic lover boyfriend, named Sangha in public, who never saw the love of his life again to this very day on Maui 4 decades later.  I was alarmed that my secretary had been abducted by a UFO!
 7 Pools of Oheo, Maui, Hawaii     The Coast Guard and police investigated and never found a trace of Cathy Conway, and the incident made the local news media.
A few miles north on the Hana Highway, a Japanese truck driver reported to our office that a flying disc landed in the narrow road, blocked traffic, held up cars, and an occupant with a spacesuit emerged. The being walked around, entered the craft and it took off.
      A few miles further on the Hana Highway is the housing district of Wailua, where a husband and wife reported a UFO landed in their backyard in 1989. Both witnesses were PhDs, psychologists, and respected local classical musicians.  Dr. Leilani Dearling and her husband, said that a woman exited from the UFO and entered their jungle house. The woman was described as being a very attractive, human, Nordic looking blonde, who told them she was from a planet in the Pleiades solar system. Dr. Dearling said that the woman brought a light portable screen in a rectangular frame, turned it on, and showed her video scenes of the home planet, and her husband on that planet speaking. The couple said the woman showed them a type of music, with specific band frequencies designed to heal diseases, increase energy, and tune up the body and brain.
 220px-Seven_Pools_of_Oheo       The couple brought this music and story to a lecture on Maui and played it, and it was very beautiful, enchanting and relaxing. Since there are no other witnesses, we can only take their word for what happened.
         Several miles further north on the Hana Highway is the tiny village of Huelo, where a flying disc was reported to have landed in the backyard of three women. The women said it lit up the house and yard in the dark of night and took off. Nearby Leslie Potts said a saucer landed on a cliff near the ocean in 1970, only a few months from the other landing. Across the highway is the dirt road leading into the jungle homestead of Peahi, where the residents said they saw a UFO in 1983, that shut off all the electricity in all the homes. car ignitions would not turn on, and the electricity returned only when the UFO flew away.  UFOs causing city power blackouts, vehicle engines to stop, missiles to crash, etc. are common in declassified military UFO files.  The most famous was in the Northeast in 1965, when UFOs caused the biggest blackout in U.S. history!  Over 5 states had a blackout as UFOs were reported over major power stations in different locations, and over the major one at Niagra Falls. When the UFOs flew away electricity returned.
     In 1972 a man name Dale decided to go to the Seven Sacred Pools to try to make telepathic contact with a UFO meditating, after he already saw them over Lahaina and Iao. He came into our office saying he had been at one of the larger pools, when a small, two men, metallic, cylindrical UFO/submarine surfaced.  It was a size reminiscent of those two-men Japanese submarines that were sunk during the Pearl Haarbor attack. The witness said that two Nordic, human appearing men, with blonde hair, came out of a hatch and motioned him to come on board. He added that he entered the craft hatch and the mini-sub went underwater, into a network of underground water canals.  He was not sure how deep or how far the tunnels went, but he said they emerged at an underground lake below Maui with a space port.  The man said that he met ETs from different planets who shared the base with 16 different ET races. The witness added that these ETs were friendly and gave spiritual advice, then returned him to the pools.
Maui-7-sacred-pools-waterfalls       This person had good references and was popular and regarded as a stable person who would not make up a story. He was respected in the community. However, because there were no other witnesses, we had to take a reasonable skeptical attitude. After I published this report, not using his name or paying him so he had NOTHING TO GAIN with a hoax—-we were contacted by retired Sergeant Willard Wannall, from Army Intelligence at Pearl Harbor, who had investigated UFOs in Hawaii for the military. As usual, this guy wanted our Maui UFO reports, and I insisted he give us his in trade. Much of what he told us and showed us was secret and we were warned not to publish it. However, the Sgt. was intrigued by the underground base report, and alarmed me by stating that it is A REAL UFO BASE and the military knew it existed, yet had been unable to get anyone inside. That is why he wanted to know details by somebody who had been in the base. He also confirmed that the military knew about underground tunnels running under Maui too.
 Seven-Sacred-Pools       The existence of this base was also confirmed by Mark Huber, an espionage spy pilot from Naval Intelligence, who said he investigated UFOs for the Defense Intelligence agency, as well as some other retired military intelligence officials who I have no permission to identify.


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    Whyyyy are we focusing on this stuff … underground bases; feeling victim to a higher authority over which we have no dominion? Is there no sense of our own empowerment as Spiritual Beings simply here to explore a physical experience, out there yet? No wonder our world is in the state it is, with so many feeling victim to another’s choices.and domination 🙁 Is this reallllly Who We (believe) We Are ?? Then God help us … cos no one else will …for we get what we expect! Whyyy … cos beliefs and expectations have Power! Doubt it? Then BELIEVE IT will be a crap day tomorrow … I mean reallllly believe … touch … taste … and feel it, and see what happens tomorrow?? 🙁 <3

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    ,-* I have seen old people on Maui move things that I could not. That is how strong they are. There is alote more that I know as will. I remember everything.

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