Ascension Center ~ 07/09/14 ~ UFOnauts, Eternal Humanoid Beings, Alien Civilizations Exist

grey_aliens_concept_art_by_lighttwister-d2atei9Hosts Theresa J. Morris and Janet Kira Lessin present the Ascension Center on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 and broadcasted from 3 to 5 PM, HST (8 to 10 Central Zone). TJ and Janet talked about TJ’s channelled email to Janet where she shares that UFOnauts are visiting planet Earth. Alien civilizations exist. IT is now time to expand our consciousness and each of us is doing it in our own way. We are on a spiritual quest to find the inner and outer sources of all creation. We are metaphysicians who find solace and know that humanoids do more than exist, survive and thrive. We are here to grow and maintain which is a basic of life forms especially here on planet Earth. We are humanoids who have a higher level of understanding that we are stewards of this planet.

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AlienSuit_fullbody-v12 Our world is precious and we each much do what we can to awaken, evolve, become conscious and honor the planet as sacred stewards. We begin with self, identify how we can do better to recycle, not use toxins in our own temples (bodies) and homes and in our families with friends and our communities. If each does their own work we encompass the planet. Ascension Center, Wednesdays on Aquarian Radio with Hosts Janet Kira Lessin and TJ Morris (Theresa J Morris) Wednesdays 9 to 10 PM Eastern time. We discuss extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, spirituality, paranormal and more plus the process of awakening humanity as we prepare for ascension where we access other realms and realities reconnect to GodSource, remember who we are as eternal beings. Conscious again we co-create new paradigms for life and existence becomes more kind, loving and conscious.   women-body-types-pictures-i17 women-body-types-pictures-i17


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