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RichardLennie-10155268_433879886746148_374493980_nRichard Lennie, a ufologist from England who hunts UFOs using night vision goggles. Lennie, the grandson of Robert William Ditchburn, a physicist who wrote several books on the subject of light and who, according to Lennie, helped Rutherford split the atom, seems to have inherited his grandfathers interest in the universe. And after a close encounter in 1980, Lennie’s interest in the idea of life on other planets was cemented and he set about searching the night sky for UFOs.



Note: This is an email from Richard Lennie and everything is described in his own words: “Towards the end of 2011, I did a T.V. show called RICHPLANET T.V. I was a guest on the show talking about my ufology and how I hunt u.f.os through night vision equipment! After the show I was approached by one of the people in the audience about a lady who sees Aliens and Craft in and around her garden. She was very upset about this and needed answers. So he thought I would be the right man for the job!! He gave me her phone number and I rang her. I was on the phone for two hours as she told me her amazing story. So I arranged to go down to Devon in Somerset where she lived and for me to see everything for myself, and see if all she said was true!

When I arrived at the house I noticed how big the place was, over a hundred acres of land!!! If there is anything going on down here they wouldn’t be disturbed at all. She told me how on Saturday the 6th of November 2010, she started seeing craft coming down and landing on her property!!! Before this she was not interested in anything to do with u.f.os or aliens. She has lived on the property for over thirty years and seen nothing at all. Now she sees E.Ts about seven feet tall walking around her garden and seeming to do some sort of experiments!!! One of these E.Ts puts a triangle shape object into one of her bushes and black smoke starts to come out of the top! She said she ran out to stop the E.T. from doing any more experiments, but the E.T. just moved away from her as if she didn’t exist. Editor’s Note: In Star Trek, the Borgs do the same thing and work with a collective mind. Paul.

She says they are dressed in a silvery suit with wrap around sun visors and a pack on their left arm which has some sort of laser attached to it. She knows this as she has seen them use it in there so called experiments!! They seem to do the same things over and over again, like they are in a loop! She tells me that only she can see them and the craft that land in and around her home. They do leave marks in the ground which I have seen and from the spaces between them I would say the craft would be over 80 feet long! The marks are very deep and complex, nothing I have ever seen before.

As the sun went down she told me they had started! A complex of weaving takes place over the top of her property every night in the shape of beams, usually in a color of yellow or pale blue! She thinks this is for her own protection and then after this has been completed which takes about two hours, they start to come down. Small craft through the week and then at the weekend the big mothership as she calls it goes over her property and this is when everything starts to happen!! The dogs and ducks make a noise as her water in the man made lake she had built starts to rise up into the craft! You have to see this to believe it, I have!!! The cat she has had for some years called Ebby starts to disappear in front of her, this takes about 40 seconds then she’s gone! About an hour later she is out saying meow and wanting to come in! In all the years she has had the cat she has never been to a vet and her coat is always shiny. I wish I had seen that one but on the night I was there she did not disappear.

We decided to go out the front of the property to see if there was anything going on, this would be about 10:30 pm on Saturday night! After about 10 mins of being out front she said, ‘Richard there they are’! I could not see anything at all with my own eyes, so I went into the house to get my night vision monoculars to view these beams she said had invaded her drive way! I still could not see them at all but she said ‘They are moving towards us Richard’! I wanted to move over to where she said they were coming out from but she grabbed my shirt and pulled me back! ‘No do not go over to them’ she told me, so I held back and as the night visions didn’t seem to work I thought of the camcorder I had with infra red settings! Maybe this would work and I would see them.

So I got the camcorder and started to view through it on normal night mode, nothing just like the night visions so I switched to infra red and there they were! Just as she had said and she could tell me what the beams were doing and how many there were which I could confirm through the camcorder!! Three sets of beams coming down from the sky with a large pulsing plasma ball of light at the top! I do have all this on video with her telling me as I view exactly what they are doing! So has she got infra red sight which these E.T.s have given her so she can see them? As she seems to be telling the truth about all of these disturbances we must also believe her when she talks about the creature she found in her living room one early morning! The thing was a squid like creature which had tentacles with suckers on the end. It had moved all over her furniture leaving sucker marks!! She managed to get it out through the French doors and then she cleaned all the prints off her furniture except on the French doors where there is still a print which I have seen!!

This lady has video proof of just about everything I have told you, even when she had gone to Morrisons to buy food she could see a craft above her and she had her own video recorder and filmed the craft from her car before going in to the supermarket! When she got home to view the video she was not in the car but about one hundred feet off the ground in a craft of some sort and she was looking down onto the roof of Morrisons! Yes she has the video for that one too and boy you have to see it to believe it! Unless she had a helicopter and stunt men well you see where I’m going with that one. She is the real deal and there here and she sees them where ever she goes!!! On the next day, Sunday before going home I walked around her home and found hundreds of holes in the soil where the beams had taken soil samples up! The holes were machined round in the mud, crazy!!! I hope this is o.k. for you.

Best Wishes,
Richard Lennie.

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