Glenn Bogue Interview ~ 06/13/14 ~ Isis & The Anunnaki

Glenn-Bogue-IMG_cropped-20140522_151402Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J Morris interview author Glenn Bogue on a simulcast broadcast of TJ Morris ET Radio and the Cosmic College on Aquarian Radio (, 3 to 5PM, HST, 9 to 11 PM Eastern time.

Call in number for this show is 646-649-0893.

Our topic today is the Anunnaki and who they are as and their relevance to our human/Earth history and the religions that govern and influence all our lives. We are all engaged in the petty wars and competition of the Gods, whether we are willing or not, or conscious that it’s happening or not.  In this show we attempt to decipher who these characters are and uncover who controls the Earth, who is the puppet master behind the puppet governments and religions of our world.

Show from 06/13/14:

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Show from 06/06/14:

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Replacement 15

Asherah The Woman of The Tree

Replacement 16

The Woman of the Tree with Dagger


The Woman at Fatima



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