James Fetzer Interview ~ 06/08/14 ~ Part II ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio

Boston_Marathon_bombing_first_bomb_site_54_minute_before_explosion (2)Host Janet Kira Lessin and Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin interview author James H. Fetzer on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (www.freedomslips.com) on Studio B on Sunday, June 8, 2014. The last interview was so amazing, so full of information we decided to do a second show to cover it all.

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Sacred Matrix Interview of James H. Fetzer with Hosts Dr Sasha & Janet Kira Lessin Studio B Revolution Radio Freedomslips June 10 2014 continues the review of false flag events Fetzer began on May 4, with special emphasis on the BOSTON MARATHON and SANDY HOOK HOAXES.


No one was killed at Sandy Hook, it was just a drill which anti-gun control operatives raised as propaganda to disarm Americans.  The deeper issue is government duplicity and made-up events to dupe the public.


This is even more egregious at the Marathon.  U.S. CLANDESTINE GOVERNMENT BOMBED MARATHONERS, BLAMED INNOCENT MUSLIM BROTHERS Blackwater-type operatives with distinctively identified cap insignias planted the bombs, not the Muslim scapegoats they set up, for the Boston Marathon Bombing.


Our covert but real government choose two Muslim brothers to blame for the bombing so they could focus hate on Islam. The older brother–a family man with a child–was taken healthy into police custody, where a witness saw the cops run him over repeatedly to make sure he couldn’t exonerate himself. Then the police announced they killed him in a shoot-out. Government doctors cut the vocal chords of the younger brother, who’d been taken into custody with ability to talk and disprove the government’s lies. Contrary to the Constitution, Boston declared martial law so the U.S. military could help orchestrate the phony scenario. The scapegoat brothers’ packs differed from the ones witnesses’ photos showed the Blackwaters placing just before the explosions.


One government actor, an amputee, pretended to have had his leg blown off by the bomb, as another government actor pretended to aid him. But there was no blood under him and his prosthetic leg fell off as he was removed in a wheelchair.


The whole false flag operation was a rehearsal for more skulduggery to come. –


Renown scholar James Fetzer cites carefully documented behind the scenes reality of the hoaxes of the Kennedy murders orchestrated for LBJ, the staged moon landing of astronauts who never left Earth, and the murder of Astronaut Grissom before he could whistleblow. Fetzer names the murderers of the Kennedy brothers and their bosses who brought down the Murrow Building and the World Trade Center.   We’re going to take a look at Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing.

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Truth vs. NEW$, Inc., w/ Prof. James Fetzer, a Newtown Con, Sandy Hooked on Hoax

Professor James Fetzer strips Sandy Hook bare!! Must see this Newtown Con.
When a student lies or cheats, he is sent to the Vice-Principal. Who do you report the lying principal, the school board, the police, medics, firemen, et al., to??
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