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Glenn-Bogue-IMG_cropped-20140522_151402About the Author Glenn Bogue:

Glenn is a lawyer, Nutritional historian, Olympian, author of The Books of Isis series. Born in Toronto, Glenn Bogue attended Villanova University majoring in history and classics. He earned All-American honors both athletically and scholastically, along with an N.C.A.A. post-graduate scholarship. He competed for Canada in the 1976 Olympics and was inducted into the Villanova Hall of Fame. Glenn earned his law degree from Toronto’s Osgoode Hall. While working for the Canadian national track team, he tried to prevent the steroid abuses at the national center in Toronto, and resigned when the anti-doping rules would not be enforced against Ben Johnson, who would be stripped of his gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics for steroid violations.

Glenn began studying nutritional alternatives to steroids, and was shocked by the poor level of nutritional education of the very physicians upon whom he relied during his career. His firm stance on proper nutrition for his children resulted in the loss of custody of his five children by the court of Pennsylvania which felt that candy and dairy were “good for the body” His marriage ended in a divorce that the Catholic Church did nothing to prevent, even though divorce is prohibited by the 1993 Catechism of John Paul II.

Glenn turned to the scriptures for clues of what he had missed, and came across these startling words ascribed to Jesus Christ: I will not judge you. The one who judged you was Moses. John 5:45 This was diametrically opposed to the Nicene Creed wherein Jesus is supposed to come “to judge the living and the dead” Glenn began to search for the reasons why the church would deliberately obfuscate the words of Jesus. He found those answers in the creation tale of the ancient Sumerians and its history of The Black Madonna. This series of books is the result of that search.

We will be asking these and other questions on these shows:

What prompted your research into nutrition and/or ancient texts?

You claim to possess the greatest secret of all time, forged around a sacred key…please explain.

Your work is backed by DNA, so how does this prove your theory?

You are the first to connect the Sumerians with The Gospel of John. Explain.

How did you come to realize that Jesus Christ was not born in Jerusalem?

You have solved the mystery of the Arnolfini portrait. What is background to that painting and proof of your solution.

Are You Gaining Weight And Are You Tired?: Book I of The Five Books of Isis series

81NWl9+VSrLMuch of our thinking has been manipulated either by commercial marketing or by religious institutions which often times try to convince you of the truth from their perspective. The tangled web that has been woven is better sent to the dustbin of history so that we can start again on a fresh page. Today the public enjoys the ability to get to a truth themselves by accessing the Internet. We also today have two other sources for delivering the truth: Knowledge of our DNA and The Knowledge of the ancient texts. The Books of Isis represents a Movement of persons willing to seek the truth about BOTH science and the origins of mankind. Our cells were programmed “in the beginning” to produce perfect health.

Neither you nor your family should EVER be sick or overweight. Illness rarely if ever is a genetic curse, as if Satan showed up in the womb to foul up your entire lineage. Rather, disease stems from your ignorance about the cells, what they REQUIRE for nourishment, AND WHO FASHIONED THEM! The TRUTH lies with any high school biology teacher. The human cell REQUIRES just 6 nutrients. Today mothers are unable to quickly enunciate these 6 things to feed their children every day; nor can they state the form in which they have to be to be ABSORBED by our cellular structures.
This is NOT difficult. You do NOT need an advanced degree in food chemistry. Book I of The Books of Isis series (Are You Gaining Weight and Are You Tired) lays them out in kindergarten terms. Our primary misunderstanding lies with fats, which are required for energy and hormone production, among a myriad of other tasks. The fats should not be cooked, simply because their hydrogens and electrons begin to TRANS – fer from their original position, creating Trans-fats. That’s ALL you need to know about fats, really. Consume FATS in a cold-pressed state. Now apply that little lessen to proteins, the cooking of which renders their sub-atomic structures into

Are You Suffering From A Disease And Can You Recover?: Book II of The Five Books of Isis series

51CEt2MaujLHow could the world of medicine have become so upside down? This is the probing question guiding this investigation into current thinking about the causes of our diseased states. Countering the proposition that bacteria, viruses and perhaps a poor gene pool are the culprits, the author (who is both a lawyer and an historian) retrieves the concept that the magnificent human body was designed “in the beginning” for perfect health.









Sacred Sex and the Menopausal Woman: Book III of the Five Books of ISIS Series

712NibCKcxLThe sexual capacity of our females has been totally misunderstood. Where every woman has the same organs in the same place, sadly only 40% report being able to achieve orgasm, while only a paltry 10% can achieve ejaculation. Part of the reason is an ignorance (or reluctance) on the part of Modern Medicine to examine the female with a more open mind. Her knowledge of the connection between what she is eating and the quality of the blood flowing through her sexual organs is almost non-existent.


The truth is that every woman on the planet can achieve both states, and can do so multiple times in the same session. The other part of the reason she may not have achieved multiple climaxes has more to do with our religious leaders, who have (wittingly or unwittingly) participated in an organized effort, since the time of Abraham, to suppress the ancient capabilities of the female during heightened sexual arousal. In her Holy of Holies (her womb) the female is capable of producing the wondrous Ormus molecule, which has the quantum capability to not only reverse disease and raise intelligence; it can actually open the Stargate to the Universe!




The Black Madonna: ISIS and the Magdalene: Book IV of the Five Books of ISIS Series

51OOjHZKmeL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Catholic Church has admitted its error in the smearing of The Magdalene as a prostitute, thereby removing an image that has dominated the minds of religious authors and painters since the 6th century. And although Mary The Magdalene is almost always mentioned first ahead of the Virgin Mary, only a handful of scholars have attempted to reconstruct why she could have been so important, that she carried a royal title that translates as “The Great One” According to the Gnostics, Jesus referred to her as “The One who knew all” who took a front row seat at all of the main events in the life of The Christ. These Gnostics also believed that mankind was the hybrid result of a genetic experiment.


Today we have mapped our DNA, the mitochondria of which traces all the races of the world back to a single woman in Ethiopia in 200,000 BCE, the exact place and time stipulated by the cuneiform tablets of the ancient Sumerian peoples for the emergence of the genus Homo sapiens. Those Sumerians called this great woman Ninmah, the Egyptians called her Isis, the Greeks called her Athena, The Sophia, and the ancient Hebrews called her Asherah,

The Woman of the Tree and the very consort to the Lord God YHWH. But in the hands of the Catholic Church, She became The Black Madonna. Legend connects this Black Madonna with both Isis and The Magdalene. This book, The Black Madonna, sets forth the revelation of that connection, which forms the greatest secret of all time.

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