Anunnaki Interview ~ 05/18/14 ~ Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio

JanetSashaHug_IMG_0971May 18, 2014 Sacred Matrix, Freedom Slips on Revolution Radio with hosts Janet Kira Lessin and Dr. Sasha Lessin, Studio B, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.  
THE ANUNNAKI: Sasha Lessin Ph.D., a U.C.L.A. Anthropology, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin authors of several books on ancient anthropology, share Zecharia Sitchin’s iconoclastic revelations on the   Anunnaki. The Lessins guide us through an evocative history of these extraterrestrial Homo Sapien giants from the planet Nibiru. They created us from their genome, with the mitochondrial DNA of their Princess Ninmah, a few Bigfoot genes, copper and African clay. They told us they were “gods.”

What you learn on this show and the accompanying article can help free you and all of us from the gods, religions, nations, materialism, banks, debt, slavery, conscription, miscegenation, bigotry, tenancy, meaningless work and polluting practices the Anunnaki imprinted on us. We shall, say Sasha and Janet, create our own future, activate our latent Nibiran genes, better our genome and join galactic civilization.
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  1. hello, like all of revolution radio youtubes previously readily available, yours has gone too!!!!
    can i find it anywhere and listen??
    many thanks

    • We have to re-upload all the files onto youtube as youtube deleted all our shows. They are available on in their archives for a monthly fee. Sorry we are bummed.

    • We are in the process of uploading over 100 episodes to youtube. Please go to our youtube station on Aquarian Radio and subscribe so you will be informed when new youtubes are available. Thank you for listening to our shows. Spread the word by sharing our links with others and posting on twitter and facebook. Mahalo.

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