Jason Martell & Amish Shah Interview ~ 07/06/14 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio

Jason Martell UFO

Hosts Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin interviewed Ancient Aliens researchers JASON MARTEL and AMISH SHAH on Revolution Radio’s Freedom’s Lips, Studio B.
JASON MARTELL & AMISH SHAH INTERVIEW ~ 07/06/14 ~ Sacred Matrix with Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin on Revolution Radio, Studio B.

GIANT STONE STRUCTURES LINKED ANCIENTS TO ET HOMEWORLDS Jason Martell and Amish Shah Youtube interview by Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin


Martell tells how megalithic structures all over the world align to stars that mark the cycle all the planets in the two-star (binary) system ( both the planets like Earth that circle Solaris and the planets like Nibiru that circle Nemisis, our subdwarf pair star). The structures point to a star-map of a zodiac-clock in the sky.

Which zodiac sign and Anunnaki god dominates us changes every 2,160 years when the constellation on the horizon in front of the Sphinx changes.

Now, Martell says, we’re in the process of ending the conflicts of Pisces Age and moving into the Aquarian, or, think of it as moving from the Age of Lead and our abject slavery in Anunnaki mines to re-civilization in the Age of Iron’s violent hierarchical nations that Anunnaki minions still dominate.  Now we are moving into the Age of Bronze partnership and synergy we may soon experience. Beyond that, gold.

We Earthlings, like June Flies, know only a fraction of one celestial season. We get to embrace the dawning of the Age of Bronze, Spring for both Solaris’ and Nemesis’ Sapien Souls in our lifetimes.

Use google and private company satellite technology, Martell says, and map all the ancient Sites, including those underground and those underwater.

Use google and private company satellite technology,Martell says, and you can map all the ancient Sites, including those underground and those underwater.  He confirms sonar proof of an extensive tunnel system connecting the power-station pyramids of Giza, the Balkins, Jerusalem and more. 

Shah relates his studies of Dwarka, India, where. In 70 ft of water, divers discovered sandstone walls, cobble stone streets and evidence of Krishna’s prosperous seaport. A flying saucer attacked Dwark. Krishna fired “bolts of lightning” at the craft but it nuked Dwarka, which submerged. Krishna left Earth.
About Jason Martel:

For over 15 years, Mr. Martell has also been one of the leading researchers and lectures specializing in ancient civilization technologies. Mr Martell’s research has been featured worldwide on numerous television and radio networks such as The Discovery Channel, Syfy Channel, and the BBC. He is currently a regular guest on the show “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel. His latest book “Knowledge Apocalypse” is available on Amazon.com.

Most recently Mr. Martell garnered worldwide attention by recreating a working model of one of science’s most profound mysteries – the “Baghdad Battery”. Residing in the national museum of Iraq, the discovery of this 2,000 year old device suggests the modern day battery was not invented in 1800 by Count Alassandro Volt, but was in use two millennia earlier. Mr Martell’s recreation was instrumental in proving the Baghdad Battery was capable of generating current.

Jason_Martell_RSELecturing throughout the world, Mr. Martell has dedicated his studies to Ancient Artifacts, Planet X, Ancient Astronauts and the structures on Mars. Due to growing interest in his research, Mr. Martell created a network, of what is now, one of the world’s most visited websites attracting over 1 million new visitors each year. The website ranks in the “Top 10” most visited paranormal websites on the Internet according to Google.

Today, Mr. Martell is planning stages of several groundbreaking international research expeditions. The expeditions focus on gaining access to ancient locations, ancient artifacts, and other archaeological relics not currently accessible to the public. By bringing worldwide attention to these hidden artifacts, Mr. Martell hopes to usher in a new era in the Ancient Astronaut theory and the Lost Cycle Of Time.

Aside from Mr. Martell’s research and lectures, he is also the founder of Booya! Media, a successful mobile app company. Mr. Martell has founded several successful companines in the digital and mobile technology space over the last 10 years.

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amish_aeMy fascination with ancient civilizations, lost cities and the exotic locales in encyclopedia Britannica started when I was a child growing up in my small suburban town in New Jersey. I longed for the freedom to explore the most far-off corners of the planet, but not as your average digicam-packing Joe Tourist! What I wanted was nothing less than to dig up the wisdom, stories and treasures buried by the sands of time. Because something has always told me, even before I could legally board a flight on my own, that our past holds the key to overcoming the challenges of our present and future.

This for me has always been about more than just simple childhood curiosity. It’s what I was meant to do with my life.

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