Reynaldo Duarte ~ Bio

Reynaldo Duarte is a former call center operator and regional manager of a continent spanning business management consulting firm. “Elementary, my dear Walid” is his first book. In this book Reynaldo explains in detail what happened to the job market of the United States. He tells it like it is in this book, so pay attention.

Reynaldo Duarte is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Most of his family members disappeared during the 1970’s and early 1980’s era of military rule in Argentina. He has traveled, as well as lived and worked throughout the Americas. He has also traveled throughout Europe and parts of Africa. Reynaldo has certainly seen just how mean and destructive that governments of nations throughout the world can be. Especially when the planetary oligarchy is encouraging them to behave in such erratic ways.

He also continues his research into the activities of the planetary oligarchy to this very day. “Elementary, my dear Walid” is a must read!

Reynaldo is featured on the radio show Planetary Oligarchy on Aquarian Radio, Mondays, 10 to 11 AM, HST (Hawaii time).

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