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 The biography of author A.K. Kuykendall

“I am much more than what you see. My passions go beyond my unwavering love of food. This passion deals with ink and the ticking rhythm of my typewriter—the power of its harmony hypnotic to me. Again, I am much more than what you see”.

A.K. Kuykendall was born in Albany, Georgia in 1974, the only son of husband and wife Charles Greene and Lillie Ruth Greene. Charles Greene is a man whom he has never known due to his parents separating under the weight of terrible circumstances before he was born. Having been married twice already, his mother remarried, this time, to an Eddie Leelove Kuykendall Jr. before he was born and the Dutch name of Kuykendall was bestowed upon him at birth. When he was a toddler, he and his two half-brothers, Thomas Williams Jr. and Eddie Leelove Kuykendall III, were raised by his mother. Parts of his childhood were spent in Albany, Georgia, but he mainly grew up as a military brat on both the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and later at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base located in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

 He attended many high schools during his sporadic travels, but it was during his junior year at Randleman High School located in Randleman, North Carolina that he got into trouble; the aftermath of which threatened to derail his ascension to his senior year. This is when he decided to head off to the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center located in Morganfield, Kentucky where he earned his High School Equivalency Diploma, a certified nursing assistance trade license, and a basic culinary trade license. His new love of food ignited, his passions then led him to attending and graduating at the top of his class from the Kentucky Culinary Institute located in Louisville, Kentucky where he obtained an advanced culinary trade license.

It was a childhood dream of medicine that led him to attending and graduating from Mary Holmes College in West Point, Mississippi in 1995 with an Associate in Science Degree in pre-medical studies with a minor in Psychology. He then attended the Mississippi University for Women (and smart men too) in Columbus, Mississippi where he continued his pre-medical studies. Coming to the realization that his family was unable to afford the enormous expense of medical school, upon graduation, he abandoned his dream of being a medical doctor specializing in the disciplines of both Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) and fell back on his advanced culinary trade license with a targeted goal of, one day, setting the world of gastronomy ablaze. His vast culinary resume is a testament to his efforts.

He and Magdiel Santana married in March of 2010. He met Magdiel in Tampa, Florida in a local night spot one evening where a perfectly placed pair of contacts, an atrocious pair of jeans, and a hypnotic Cuban accent easily lulled him into submission. On August 6, 2004 they had their first son, Kal-El Price Kuykendall. With their doctor green-lighting the recommencement of their sex life coupled with him being unable to resist his, then, girlfriend; on December 9, 2005 they welcomed into the world their second son, Jor-El Price Kuykendall.

Since before he was 10 years old, he wrote feverishly (poetry, short stories, etc.) hoping to one day see his work in print. He always believed that he was a storyteller and that one never knows when a story idea will turn into a million dollars. So beyond his sporadic ambitions, one thing remained consistent in his life—he wrote. Even if only one word a day! He tried his hand at screenwriting; producing a screenplay entitled Fierce Chicanery. With no luck selling the damn thing, he abandoned his screenwriting ambitions and subsequently made the decision to produce a novel from it. This decision led him to writing his first novel entitled The Evolution of the Patron Saint, which became the first book in the Conspirator’s Odyssey series. During the time he struggled to get the attention of literary agents and publishers for this work, he wrote his second novel entitled The Possession, book #1 in the Writer’s Block trilogy.

With persistence, a true belief in the power of his words, a broad knowledge of the industry itself, and a bit of innovative strategy; in November of 2007 he purposely sought to publish his first novel The Evolution of the Patron Saint through a notable author’s mill named PublishAmerica. Before he entered into this abysmal seven-year contract with this fraudulent publisher, he hired top-tier publicist Penny C. Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts to promote the project, but more importantly to promote his name as an author. He subsequently sold 1,692 copies (only 27 of which were purchased by his family and friends), and he gained a strong fan base with this work not to mention with the development of his official author’s website where truth reads through fiction @http://www.thewriterofbooks.com/, he built a firm platform for himself. Three years shy of the signed seven-year publishing contract, he requested and spared the expense to purchase his rights back and as of February 20, 2012 his rights were exclusively reverted back to him.

Due to this remarkable strategy and his unique marketing efforts at gaining strong name recognition, he was contacted by the acquisitions editor from Decent Hill Publishing and was offered a 3-book deal for his Writer’s Block trilogy, which led to his second traditional publishing contract and the publication of his second novel The Possession in late 2012. In early 2013, he was contacted by the acquisitions editor from IntoPrint Publishing and was offered his third traditional publishing contract for the republication of The Evolution of the Patron Saint. Once the The Evolution of the Patron Saint launched, it was less than three months before the acquisitions editor from Re.ad Publishing contacted him with an offer of a fourth traditional publishing contract. This time with an offer of a 4-book deal for four more books in theConspirator’s Odyssey series.

Having worked a total of three traditional publishing deals on his own with no professional experience to back his negotiations; it was at this time that he redoubled his efforts at finding a literary agent to work this new deal—a deal that, for the first time in his career, had a lucrative advance attached. With much effort, and allot of luck, he got the attention of acclaimed literary agent Donald Maass of the Donald Maass Literary Agency (DMLA) out of New York who signed him and worked his fourth, and most lucrative, traditional publishing deal to date. And on February 11, 2014 the deal was finalized.

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A.K. Kuykendall’s true passion in life is writing thought-provoking novels that blend the concepts of fact and fiction. Conspiracy, espionage, horror, and suspense literature are his particular favorites! He has an infectious love of bringing women to the surface in his literature where so many men and/or women authors fall short. This is why he prides himself on writing stories with women as his protagonist’s.

He’s passionate when he says, “Why not women? Hell, they’ve been giving life to our children and putting up with us men since the day of Eve and Adam. I can’t see any other gender deserving of my pages. And it’s about time an author writing mainstream literature stepped outside this great big literary box known as the status quo to bring our walking, talking, and oh so beautiful gods to life.

“My love for women is sparked by an unprecedented admiration for the strength displayed by my mother and my friend, Lillie Ruth Best. She raised three sons practically on her own while dealing with the hurdles of her own social and emotional development. My love and respect for women have greatly influenced my creative leanings. When I write, a woman comes naturally to mind. Women are strong, whether some think so or not. I’m firmly of the belief that if you touch a woman’s heart, her strengths amplify at an alarming rate. With this strength, one will never go without, and one will always be protected.

“Be it a superhero battling to save the world, a detective in search of a serial killer, a soldier of fortune, a double agent, a thriving serial killer playing on the typical male mindset that can’t picture a woman performing such deeds, or the President of the United States proving her critics wrong with her every move on the world stage. Whatever role I choose to fathom a strong female character will always be at the helm displaying the type of subtle strength I continue to find fascinating.”

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the site where truth reads through fiction! The author hopes that you enjoy your stay and would ask of you to revisit occasionally for updates.

Web site: www.thewriterofbooks.com

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