Anunnaki Easter–Freer, Clark, Evans & The Lessins on Revolution Radio’s Sacred Matrix from 4/20/14

UFO-that-makes-more-sense Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin hosted a roundtable discussion focused on the Anunnaki with a focus on the question,”Who is Jesus?” on this Easter show. Guests to this roundtable : Neil Freer, Gerarld Clark and Bob Evans, Jr.

What if Jesus were an alien?  Would he have been an Anunnaki?  Did he come from Source?  Was he just a man?

We discuss and explore who these Anunnaki are, their relationship to humanity and their interactions with our species from our creation through till today.  We examine Easter from the Anunnaki perspective. Who and what is a Messiah and who and what is THE MESSIAH?  We look at the historical Jesus and how he influenced humanity. Was he just a rebel, an enlightened being, the Son of God? What God?  What does God  mean?  Was Jesus the only begotten or one of many.  Did his soul originate from higher realms and dimensions?  How can we prove any of this?  Are there records hidden or unknown, yet to be translated or discovered that will shed more light on these questions?

Jesus & UFOs_1280What is truth, propaganda, programming, part of the political, religious agenda of the Illuminati, the Elohim, those who from “heaven” descended?  Who is “our Father who art in heaven?”  How is it that his name is hallowed? Why do we worship these beings? And is there a higher power, Source, the Creator of All and Universal Consciousness that will elevate us out of this perverted paradigm to a new reality of higher love, awareness, enlightenment and ascension for all humanity, all beings, all creatures, the Earth and her features.


According to military whistleblowers, the U.S. Government’s “Red Book” is an Above Top Secret document that details the TRUE history of the Human race on planet Earth.  It is a compendium of human information derived from extraterrestrials, who offered the U.S. undeniable proof of historical events.  One of the revelations exposed in the “Red Book” is that Jesus Christ was a creation of one particular Alien group (EBE-2).  Jesus was a genetically-engineered human-alien hybrid sent to Earth to teach the primitive Humans a lesson of love and tolerance. 

Alien_JesusAs writer Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  Is it any wonder that ancient people were  fooled by the “miracles” of Jesus?  This wasn’t the first time extraterrestrials tried to influence human affairs.  Previously, they successfully appeared to Moses as a “burning bush” and dumped the 10 Commandments on mankind.  The Aliens thought The Christ Project would be no different, but needless to say, their little experiment went horribly awry.  Supposedly, the EBEN-2’s were pretty damn pissed when they came back to check on Jesus’ progress, only to find that the humans had killed him.  Worse yet, the primitive fools started worshiping him!   2000 years and millions of atrocities later, Jesus the space alien is STILL being mistakenly worshiped as a God.  Man is truly a pathetic creature … desperately yearning for an “almighty being” to control and regulate their lives … frantically looking for “God” in tortillas, oil stains, and tree trunks. 

jebusfoundsamericaWell, like it or not, hidden somewhere in the bowels of some ultra-top secret government facility is definitive proof that “The Son of God”, Jesus Christ, is a phony.  In fact, there is probably clear evidence that most of the “gods” of Earth’s ancient religions were Aliens. Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity … all based on extraterrestrials interacting with humans, displaying technology, and being mistaken as “gods” by primitive humans .. kinda like the Cargo Cults in the Pacific during World War II, who worshiped the technologically-advanced Americans who flew to their islands and gave them food and displayed “miraculous” items like radios and guns   Unfortunately, the Powers-That-Be are more than happy to have the human sheeple believe in false religions, which keep them pacified, compliant, and restrained.

So, it is unlikely the general public will ever actually see the definitive evidence for ourselves.  But as logical, intelligent beings, we humans have the capability to recognize the truth about Christianity and Religion for ourselves.  Hopefully, maybe in a few decades, we will.  So, let’s all celebrate this revelation by casting off our religious shackles and enjoying some images of the true Alien Jesus.


– Major NoizeNoodle Muffin 

I googled Jesus and alien and got pages of images, some of which are included below.  It seems that the Jesus/alien connection is quite common. There were pages linked to each of these images.  Lots to explore on this subject.

PS  For really good info on all this, watch this episode of “Ancient Aliens” from Season 2: “Gods & Aliens”!  Enjoy!

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