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Hosts Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview cosmologist PAUL VON WARD.  Ward, who wrote Children of a Living Universe, We’ve Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention and The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation, says consciousness animates all life. ALL LIFE REFLECTS THE CONSCIOUS, PURPOSEFUL, ADAPTING, AND EVOLVING NATURE OF ITS SOURCE. Our multiverse self-actualizes as we reincarnate.  All evolve each generation to co-creatively shape the future of the whole.  ADVANCED BEINGS (ABs) help our self-actualization.  Listen to the show and learn how this works.
RELIGION STIFLES OUR PROGRESS, says Ward. When a George W. Bush uses mental, psychological or physical coercion against others, to get religious support he tells folks his policies reflect god’s will.His religions gives him exclusive access to the supreme power. Faithful in each religion violate the rights of others, including their right to life.  They conduct crusades and jihads against nonbelievers, inquisitions and witch-hunts against other followers, defamations of opponents, and terror campaigns that maim or kill innumerable innocents.  Modern supernatural religions, says Ward, came from revisions of history.  Self-defined spokesmen for a god call their actions sacred and those of others satanic. They call their followers holy while opponents are evil. They wreak terror calling it peace-keeping and label the other’s war terrorism.


Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin interviewed Paul Von Ward on Sunday, April 6, 2014 on the Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time on Studio B.

Paul Von Ward, MPA & MSc, interdisciplinary cosmologist, is author of Children of a Living Universe (2014),  We’ve Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention (2011), The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation (2008), other books, and articles. With travel in 100 countries, his cultural lens are wide enough to cope with many realities.
For 20 years Paul focused on evidence of non-human intelligence in a multidimensional universe. His research includes human and nonhuman consciousness and the influence of advanced beings (ABs) on human development. He studies reactions to AB intervention and humanity’s role among many species.


Graduate of Harvard (MPA) and Florida State University (MSc & BA), Paul served as a Protestant minister, U. S. naval officer (1962 to 1965), American diplomat (1965 to 1980) in France, Martinique, Sierra Leone, the Dominican Republic, NATO, and senior positions in the State Department. He was founder/CEO of the Washington-based nonprofit Delphi International Group from 1980-1995. It provided international citizen exchanges, training, development, and Soviet- and Sino-American joint ventures.


It offers a “bigger picture” than science’s conventional view of reality. In addition to empirical research, it includes intuitive and other sources of knowledge, but subjects them to verification by the scientific method. Paul believes a cosmology based only on a single discipline (whether physics, astronomy, biology, mathematics, evolutionary theory, or metaphysics) omits many areas of the human experience of the universe, including the mind of the cosmologist.

Given the quality of 21st-century consciousness research, an interdisciplinary cosmology would suggest a dimension of consciousness (conterminous, coterminous, and coincident with matter and energy) animates all life forms in our universe.
Paul first took on the role of a cosmic puzzle master in researching his book Our Solarian Legacy. It suggested that ours is a self-learning universe where all life reflects the conscious, purposeful, adapting, and evolving nature of its Source. A good overview of this “bigger picture” can be found at Tom Nielsen’s website on Our Enfolded Universe. Click here for views of a scholar, here graduate student, and here for past events by Paul.

229_paul_von_ward__db6WHO IS PAUL VON WARD?

An interdisciplinary cosmologist and independent scholar, Paul is internationally known for the hypothesis of an AB (advanced beings) intervention in human development; his theory of natural spirituality in an evolving, self-learning universe; and research on the survival of a personal soul-genome. His current books on these topics are We’ve Never Been Alone; Our Solarian Legacy; and The Soul Genome. Paul’s academic background (Florida State, Harvard and other institutions); his military, diplomatic, international executive career; and research on five continents keep his provocative publications grounded in emerging science and credible human experience. (See his CV for educational and career details.)


Paul assumes our universe is multidimensional, part of a living multiverse: With an evolutionary imperative to self-actualize, its inherent processes require struggle, experimentation, and adaptation. This suggests all species, at some level of consciousness, evolve in each generation to co-creatively shape the future of the whole.

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GODS, GENES, AND CONSCIOUSNESS: Nonhuman Intervention in Human History by Paul Von Ward ~ Overview by the Author

My research for this book started with a 2,000 year-old question. Why have the four Abrahamic religions-claiming to worship one alleged divine being first known as Yahweh-experienced such internecine violence throughout their common history? Seeking explanations for interreligious conflict, I discovered a deeper issue: the unverifiable assumptions of supernatural religion itself. Paul Von Ward-300_GGC_C-Realm_LarryLowe_When Osama bin Laden, Ariel Sharon, Pope John Paul II, or George W. Bush uses mental, psychological, or physical coercion against others, he obtains religious support by persuading people that his policies reflect their god’s will.

These men claim the being they worship is The True God, while the others’ gods are false. They are not alone; all who worship “the divine one” assume it is unique. Why do the personalities of “Yahweh”, “Father”, “God”, and “Allah” reflect various cultures instead of various cultures reflecting one god? The religions represented by these men have taught their followers they have exclusive access to the supreme power. Convinced that their beliefs derive from a unique divine revelation, the faithful in each religion willingly violate the natural rights of others, including their right to life.

They conduct crusades and jihads against nonbelievers, inquisitions and witch-hunts against other followers, defamations of opponents, and terror campaigns that maim or kill innumerable innocents. Paul von ward 320_PVWSpkrWith so many different versions of an alleged single god, how did human consciousness evolve to the point where unprovable beliefs have such an impact on our lives in the knowable realm? This question leads to prior ones. How did the first concept of divine beings arise? Where did the notion of a supernatural (unknowable) realm begin? Who picked Yahweh from among the gods to be “the supreme divine being” in charge of that supernatural realm??? Gods, Genes, and Consciousness hypothesizes that the answers lie in a misinterpretation of actual human interactions with nonhuman beings.

It further postulates that all modern supernatural religions came from comparable, but varying retrospective revisions of that history–where humans came to believe their own projections accurately represented a reality beyond human knowing. The exercise of “theocratic” power… Why Is This a Problem? A leader (whether in the White House or in a cave) who justifies policy on religious grounds succeeds if he can arouse enough people’s emotions. To do so, he engages in psychological manipulation by his use of religious code words.

This exercise of “theocratic” power can occur only when followers accept the assertion that his policies reflect the will of the “divine reality” they worship. People usually do not realize that such leaders take advantage of the energetic association of contrived words with natural human emotions to mobilize their followers and to serve their own agendas. These self-defined spokesmen for a god call their own actions a sacred duty and those of others satanic. They call their followers holy while opponents are called evil. They wreak terror calling it peace-keeping and label the other’s war terrorism.


Believers are susceptible to such manipulation because the very nature of a supernatural religion involves unprovable assumptions. Its adherents have come to accept that a realm lacking in factual reality is more real than their collective experience. Thus, blind faith in their own visions leads to real acts of violence and murder-whether launched from Washington, Rome, Jerusalem, or Mecca. In the popular movie A Beautiful Mind we saw an otherwise intelligent, creative, and loving man endanger himself and others based on his own “divine reality”.

How did humanity slip into something like that schizophrenic state where an “imaginary reality” exerts such power over our emotions, thoughts, and actions? How in the evolution of consciousness did humans come to give precedence to unverifiable beliefs over knowledge? How did humans come to worship nonhuman entities as divine and follow their self-defined spokesmen? I believe the answers can be found in the history of ancient human interactions with “advanced beings” and in its re-writing to serve the interests of a few.

A psychological look at the historical record gives a plausible explanation for the current split in human consciousness between natural and supernatural thinking. What Are Advanced Beings? I use the term “advanced beings” or AB’s to refer to all entities perceived by humans to be superior to themselves. It encompasses the ancient gods, their angels and devils, and also modern ET’s. It includes gods who walked with Biblical heroes or took them into the heavens, and the invisible “voices” who spoke to Moses, Mohamed, Joseph Smith, and others.

The term also refers to ethereal beings like those known as Seth and Pleiadians, and other messengers channeled by humans. It applies to spirit guides, ascended masters, and fields of consciousness tapped by people like Tesla, Steiner, Cayce, and Einstein. All these AB’s (past and present) can fit into a natural model of a conscious universe. Yet, some have been labeled, by one religion or another, as divine beings who require human worship. Since the attribution of supernatural or divine godship cannot be tested, it requires blind faith, acceding one’s power to a priest, minister, rabbi, imam, or guru’s interpretation of the reputed god’s message. These intermediaries gain a psychological advantage over believers.

Paul Von Ward 9781587369957Forgotten History?

Humans can no longer recall the beings from the heavens (skies) described in the Bible, the Hindu Vedas, Greek myths, and traditional legends. Most academics now interpret them as fanciful figments of primitive human consciousness. Scientists with materialist and Earth-bound paradigms assert such beings could not exist in the past or present. The religious hold the dubious assumption that while other people’s gods must be imaginary, the unseen god they worship is real. The evidence in this book leads to the opposite conclusions: AB’s described in early history likely represent an external reality and the gods now worshiped derive primarily from within the human mind.

The book Gods, Genes, and Consciousness reviews the historical and current evidence for tangible AB interventions in human history. Its chronological perspective and generic rational analysis demystify early myths, so-called sacred writings, and modern “paranormal” communications. It allows comparison of ancient descriptions of AB encounters in legends and religious texts with modern reports of interactions between humans and nonhumans or other dimensions.

What Is the Evidence?

The book summarizes how religion, metaphysics, and traditional stories treat AB’s. It compares these perspectives with scientific studies of nonhuman consciousness and other dimensions. Juxtaposing studies of the fossil record, DNA family trees, archaeological anomalies, the history of science and technology, cultural institutions, and the development of alphabets and world languages reveals considerable congruence with the AB-intervention hypothesis. A new look at prehistory suggests early Genus Homo followed a natural evolutionary path with no inclination to worship unseen gods. Widespread evidence points to AB’s with advanced technologies intervening decisively in human development in Africa, and Sumeria and Egypt (the Cradle of Western Civilization).

An interdisciplinary analysis shows the AB-intervention hypothesis offers a plausible explanation for the presently documented, punctuated fossil and phylogenetic records of Homo sapiens physical development. A re-analysis of extant texts indicates a symbiotic interaction between early humans and AB colonists on Earth could have resulted in emotional dependence conducive to cults (2,000 to 4,000 years ago). Dominance by AB’s could have led to the inferiority complex found in concepts like the “fall of humankind”. Twentieth-century reactions of traditional peoples to European colonization, sometimes known as “cargo cults”, provide an apt analogy for this complex.

If, as the record suggests, the ruling AB’s pulled away from humans, those left behind could have experienced separation anxiety that led to ongoing worship of the now absent AB’s. They prayed to them for continued protection. Seeking to re-link with their former gods, the cults appear to have developed re-ligious rituals to induce the AB’s to return or to gather the faithful in the “heavens”.?? As a hoped-for “second coming” passed, memories of AB-gods appear to have evolved into speculative ideas about “supernatural” beings (less than 2,000 years ago).

Prophets and writers reinterpreted biblical texts about real AB’s to suggest they were ethereal beings. Original texts were treated as metaphorical. Hebrew, Roman, and Arabic priests assumed the task of interpreting the newly imagined supernatural realm. They created symbols and liturgy to perpetuate the faith among believers and to gain new converts. History turned into myth. In the final stage of the Roman Empire, priests joined with political leaders to develop a theocratic government. Subsequently, supernatural religions have sought to impose their beliefs on natural, secular institutions of government.

Children of a Living Universe: Discovery Our Legacy Will Change Our Future

CLUBookCoverApril 1, 2014 was the Hampton Roads Publishing’s official release of my new book. “Children of a Living Universe: Discovering Our Legacy Will Change Our Future” helps fill the gaps in the incomplete model of reality used in modern physics and other physical sciences. My use of natural science and philosophy in the book places the current physics quantum/string model into the bigger picture. It encompasses both subtle energies (not yet included in the standard model) and the realm of pre-cerebrum consciousness.
This larger theory of life in the cosmos suggests that Homo sapiens sapiens and more advanced beings (ABs) may have much more important roles in the self-actualization of our universe (in a multiverse) than we have yet imagined.
Part 1 develops the case for our universe being a living, self-creating organism in an even more complex multiverse. It posits a plausible origin of the event known as the Big Bang and uses the so-called Hermetic Principles to fill the gaps in modern science.
Part 2 describes the case for an inherent, universal consciousness as the fundamental force behind all dimensions. It identifies the subtle senses responsible for telepathy, remote viewing, synchronicity, teleportation, and other extra-dimensional phenomena.
Part 3 identifies humanity’s place and potential in our self-evolving universe. It poses a challenge to humans to shed their still-medieval blinders and test themselves in the race among ABs for leadership roles in our living, self-conscious galaxy and beyond.

The Current Situation

Christianity (Catholic and Protestant), Islam, and Judaism has each come to see itself as the exclusive interpreter of the role of AB’s in human development. These offspring of the original Israelite tradition all agree with the Nicean Council’s supernatural re-designation of the AB Yahweh (portrayed as one god among several in the Dead Sea Scrolls). Each now claims the exclusive channel of communication with that “supreme god”. The result is perpetual conflict. Conflicts born in the Middle East now involve six continents. They roil social institutions, economies, and governments. Who defines life for abortions, fetal research, suicide or death penalties? Who decides the when and how of human sexuality? Can the state impose a religious limitation on civil marriages? Do humans have dominion over or responsibility for the living Earth? Should a priesthood or common sense set a society’s cultural norms? Do schools provide education or indoctrination? Should governance come from those who claim authority from above or be derived from the free will of citizens? Must humans feel guilty and dependent on religions that preach a fallen or sinful nature? Does any group have the right to impose their theocratic ideas on others? None of these issues will ever be peacefully and democratically resolved as long as the position of one or more of the parties involved claims his rules come from a supernatural realm to which only people who believe like he has access. If one refuses to reveal all evidence of his AB, why should another believe it? In my view, reintegration of our fragmented species consciousness, and the resulting elimination of religious fratricide, will require an “all evidence-on-the table” re-examination of assumptions relating to nonhuman interventions in human history. The mounting evidence strongly indicates all religions should subject themselves to public examination of their unquestioned assertions regarding their own origins. An unwillingness to do so should expose their lack of credibility as a legitimate participant in making political and social policies.

Transcending Supernaturalism

The book concludes that surmounting religious conflicts will require more than attempts at religious tolerance and efforts to integrate science and spirituality. As in individual therapy, species healing depends on a reality check, a review of the basis for any assumptions that contribute to debilitating illusions. Many wishing to dissociate themselves from their religion’s negative history blame its reactionary fanatics. They probably have not thought about how their own unexamined practices may enable the fanatics’ blind faith. One’s belief in his non-self-evident god lends credence to others’ claims of access to another supernatural, divine god. Anyone asserting his religion derives from a historical “divine” event cannot logically deny the fanatic’s right to make a similar claim. I believe humans must try to objectively re-examine the historical record of AB’s and revise religious beliefs as they revise beliefs based on new scientific evidence about the physical universe. Until they do so, the untenable model of supernaturalism will perpetuate a global consciousness inhospitable to dialogue and consensus. While war or terrorism results from arguments about whose “divineness” is real, genuine peace and natural human progress will elude us. Humans need rituals and practices that help navigate the cycles of nature and its challenges, to celebrate an individual’s passages, to serve the community, and to maintain the deepest values of human life. Such will be the functions of transformed religious institutions in bringing humanity back to its natural roots. © 2006, Paul Von Ward

Published on Jul 10, 2013
snippet of stolen video from Sherrie Lea Pandamonia account. Reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe on Supernatural TV
produced by Sorcery Films and PBS. FBI profiler Paul Von Ward and Doctor Adrian Finkelstein

Reincarnation Experiment Interview with Paul Von Ward



Published on May 17, 2012
Not only are we not alone in the universe, We’ve Never Been Alone according to interdisciplinary cosmologist and scholar Paul Von Ward. In this interview he discusses his book that lays out A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention, covering some of the most provocative and fascinating questions facing civilization today. Listen to the rest of the interview at:…

Published on Oct 28, 2012
The Reincarnation Experiment
Must See! Past Life Legacy!

George Knapp was joined by psychologist & cosmologist Paul Von Ward, who discussed the Reincarnation Experiment and explained how past lives can be proven, using the science of biometrics. “We have a past life legacy that has been accumulating experience and insight and knowledge and capacities over many, many lifetimes,” he said, sharing his theory on reincarnation. Von Ward detailed a number of factors which he uses to determine the likelihood that someone has been reincarnated, such as physical body type, facial features, personality traits, and “unlearned knowledge or skills.”

He was dismissive of the often held belief that someone who is reincarnated from a famous person will become famous themselves, saying “that’s one of these misperceptions of the way that the reincarnation phenomenon, as we understand it, works.” That said, he noted that particular talents and skills do seem to pass on from one lifetime to another. To that end, he noted the famous case of Peter Teecamp, an artist who discovered that he shared extremely similar and unique traits with the late painter Gauguin. When he tried to duplicate Gauguin’s work, an act which requires tremendous practice and skill, Teecamp found he could perform the feat with remarkable ease.

On how people can find out if they may have been reincarnated, Von Ward suggested that such curious individuals should look at themselves and determine the major elements of their personality. “What we find, as a result of this process, so many times, is a recovery of a sense of a previous lifetime,” he said. He stressed that having a specific name for one’s previous incarnation is not necessarily important for learning “what you came with” into this lifetime.

Uploaded on Jan 3, 2012
Interdisciplinary Cosmologist, Paul Von Ward spoke about his latest book, “The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation”, NDEs, life after death, quantum physics, ETs, parallel universes and much more!

In Mission 79.5 we shout Mayday! Mayday! The engine room has trouble and technical difficulties abound as we attempt to discuss extraterrestrial intervention and the influence of Advanced Beings on human history with Paul Von Ward, author of the book, ?We?ve Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention.? Like to watch us squirm when we can?t get our guest beaming up to the Mother Ship? Then tune in! The Oddballs hung our heads after this one. On to the next mission.

Case for Peter Teekamp and Michelle Moshay being the reincarnations of Paul and Mette Gauguin discussed by Reincarnation Experiment coordinator Paul Von Ward. He demonstrates similar physical features, corresponding personality traits, matching talents and interests, and their evolution in consciousness. In the top 10% of credible reincarnation cases. http://www.reincarnationexperiment.or….


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