Ascension Center ~ Tom & Theresa J Morris & Janet Share Roswell Secrets ~ 03/19/14

Artwork-Roswell-Craft_photo_mediumThomas (TOM) R Morris and Theresa (TJ) J Morris share with Janet Lessin about their book TAKEN UP and Roswell UFO Encounters. Tom & TJ share a life that is out of this world. TOM & TJ are authors and have had experiences separately and together that deals with life on and off planet with those who are monitoring human progress. How we think about ET, UFOS, space travel and our humanoid reality is changing with those who NOW REPORT on their real lifetime true experiences.

Tom reports that Reagan knew about the Roswell craft.


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roswcraftjimnicholsMeet GUS, a shuttle craft officially known as as the Roswell craft that was retrieved in one piece in Roswell, NM in July 1947. Tom and TJ explain how they piloted this famous craft and took it to the “command ships” that are parked behind the moon and in orbit around Mars.

This is part I of a series of interviews between Theresa J Morris, Tom Morris and Janet Kira Lessin as we discuss our alien encounters and experiences.

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