Planetary Oligarchy Series ~ Elementary My Dear Walid ~ Reynaldo Duarte Interview Part 1 ~ 02/24/14


Elementary My Dear Walid, a new book by Reynaldo Duarte (an Argentine writer) explores the connection between outsourced call centers in India, the opium drug trade, 9/11 and the Illuminati New World Order.

Reynaldo Duarte writes:

 When I first began writing this book, I was researching the story about a group of Afghan and Pakistani drug lords teaming up with some call center operators in India so that they could launder their drug trafficking proceeds money. I was not looking for such a huge story. I was wrong. Within my first few evenings working on this, I saw family names such as Warburg (as in the same Warburg family that are partners with the Rothschilds in the United States Federal Reserve Bank) I knew I was on to something much bigger than that.
This project took on a life of its own after that. The implications of what what was discovered during the course of researching for this book are rather explosive. Most people do realize that most of the USA’s financial institutions are now contracting out their 1-800 number customer service and sales call taking operations to Indian companies such as Wipro and WNS Global Services (the majority of their stock owned by the Warburg family) but most do not realize that these companies have rather well documented links to Asia’s world class, big time narcotics traffickers. These call center operating companies are money laundering operations for drug money.
This is only a small part of the story. The security of the personal data of the customers of these companies is completely compromised, just exactly as the Global Elite want it to be. We are seeing the largest data theft in the world in progress now. this is just one of the unpleasant consequences of the planned disasters of September 11th 2001.
Join us next week (Monday, March 3, 2014 at 03/as we discuss further the consequences of all of this. We shall also have joining us for next weeks interview the co- author of “Elementary, my dear Walid” James Clayton. Next week we shall discuss further the global implications of the world wide assault on basic human rights.






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