The Anunnaki Gods Created Dogma, Patriotism, Religion & Fanaticism To Addict You To The Gods by Janet Kira Lessin

religion-prayingWhen the Anunnaki gods (the Elohim and Nephilim of the Bible) created war they also created political fanaticism and religion to secure loyalty and alliances and branded their people (foreskin or no foreskin on their penises) to identify ownership by their gods. These are systems of mind control–psychological manipulation utilizing guilt and shame around food, sex and pleasure, systems that acts like viruses infecting families through generations that continue to this day.

These God viruses mutate over time in order to survive, adapt, multiply and expand. Original infection systems were passed genetically through families. Born into a religion you were infected at birth with the virus of your faith as well as an anti-virus against other beliefs.

Over time infection transmission systems adapted and now many are recruited through modern religious proselytizing systems that prey on the emotionally, psychologically and physically weak and traumatized in hospitals and traumatic events, like funerals. More are recruited at free food distribution events such as free meal handouts offered by churches and other religious based organizations like the Salvation Army. These events are often masked as charity events but are really recruitment stations.

The modern era offers missionaries with the latest generation for recruitment that involves door to door proselytizing by newer religions such as the Seventh Day Adventist and Mormons.

3706185132_1e73090a29_oEach religion infects its members with the virus which generates anti-bodies against the virus of the opposing religion. Religions and dogmatic beliefs are further anchored into the mind of society by violent acts of terrorism and war. Sports and computer games are training grounds for soldiers and enforcing beliefs that there is an enemy one must fight in order to survive. Television, movies, songs and the media further reinforce paranoid beliefs and violence.

All this energy is harvested by the various institutions set in place to reap the rewards of patriots and true believers. Martyrs, saints and heroes seal the deal with stories and myths recited to the masses through the generations securing dogma through ceaseless, endless propaganda. Even the non-religious, agnostic and atheist alike are infected by irrational cultural norms created by religions and governments of each particular society. These are systems of moral enforcement defined by each region and generation. Comply or be ostracized, (like Mormons and Seven Day Adventists) which is a form of social and emotional death.

Eventually no one remembers who started the fire. The top of the pyramid’s hidden in plain site with symbols on money and every building subliminally reinforcing the system. The people become enforces enlisted through money. Money, the greatest false flag of all times continually recruits by reinforcing greed and illusion through all the systems, from media to HAARP. Mind control signals continually blast through the air through the planetary grid, towers to satellites to homes and offices in every neighborhood hidden in plain sight under the auspice of telecommunications.

christianity-god-christianity-religion-1350566570Every item offered by the powers that be contains a hidden double edged sword. It tastes good but it kills you. It allows you to communicate but it controls you. It entertains you while hypnotizing you. All reinforce the illusion, the delusion that all real while slowly killing us and robbing us of even the illusion that we are free which once comforted us. This illusion created a false sense of security that allowed us to produce and be the obedient robots necessary to propagate the freedom myth in the first place.

The system recruits you as police for the New World Order. We report on parents, children, friends, peers and family through paranoid beliefs that they are bad and have done wrong. By reporting the bad guys, we thus must be good. Our reward is money, promotion, position, praise and applause while others, the bad guys are arrested, fined, imprisoned or maybe even killed.

The God Virus infects all through the blame and shame game. Schisms created between feelings, emotions and programming splits and divides us all, sorts us into loyalty camps. We project disowned selves and parts we cannot incorporate into our own psyche’s on to the apparent others. Within this framework fear’s generated creates separation, dysfunction, violence and murder on the individual and family/friend level. Carried forth through communities in ever increasing and more sinister, heinous ways results in conflicts and wars between countries and groups till the planet is destroyed.

Bar-MitzvahNow we face mass extinction and may go the way of the dinosaur. Who rules on the top of this dung heap? Who is the all seeing eye on the pyramid that graces our dollar bill? Who is in control?

If you look closely and think about it logically, there are no humans who benefit from the destruction of this world. Radiation, pollution and destruction of planet-wide ecosystems knows no boundaries. The only logical explanation is these people are not human. They mean us harm. They intend to extinct us and kill all of us, human and animal alike. To what ends? Who will remain on this terraformed world to take over the real estate? Who remains to worship and serve the gods?

Look back in time to the dawn of humanity and the answer is clear as mud. But still there to be found for those bold and brave enough to dig through the muck. There you will find the Illuminati who are the Anunnaki and they’re not gone or dead or a myth but have been here all along, your masters. And we have always been their puppets, manipulated and used against one another so much that we never feel connected. In a violent war with no end we never know that beneath all the drama, we are always one, always connected to one another and SOURCE, the true Baby-boy-doing-NamazGod if there even is such a thing.

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