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ReverandRobertCoteRobert Cote’s Biography from

Born 3:00 pm, September 1, 1940  

Raised in a small New England town:   Brattleboro, Vermont.  


B. S.  in Forestry from the  University of Maine:   1962  

Trained in the Vermont Air National Guard as a still photographer:  1963 -1969  

M. S.  in Forestry Economics from the University of Vermont:   1966  


Moved to California on a lark in 1968.    Robert worked for the next two years as a photographer and a graphic artist for a mail order company that distributed nudist magazines.   In 1969, as a result of having his name on a post office mail box, he was prosecuted by a district attorney in Abilene, Texas who was trying to make himself look good and be appointed as a judge.   As a plea bargain and to keep his two older brothers our of jail, Robert pled guilty and as a result, in 1974, he spent six months in Terminal Island Federal Correctional Institution.   


Beginning in 1970, he started working on creating the non-profit corporation presently known as The Life Center    aka    TLC-Life-Center.   The Life Center became an official, state and federally recognized non-profit corporation on May 22, 1972.  


From 1970 to 1992, The Life Center was an avocation for him.   He studied  and researched religion, philosophy, and Universal Spirituality part time and eventually qualified himself to be an ordained minister.   From 1970 to 1992 he earned his living as a general contractor.   During that time period, he became a California Licensed General Contractor and a California Licensed Real Estate Broker.  


From 1992 to 2008, he focused his work in The Life Center.   As an ordained minister, he  officiated weddings and did spiritual counseling.   He officiated about 1,500 weddings.  


In 2006, he began studying Theta Healing / Theta Transformation.    In essence, Theta Healing is a personal growth modality that uses applied sub-atomic physics andthe technology of successful prayer to enhance one’s everyday life.   The understanding he gained through this training altered many aspects of his life and significantly enhanced his ability as a Spiritual and Life Consultant.   For the what, why, when, where,  and how of Theta Healing, please see his website:    


In 2008, Rev Cote’ designed The New Corporate World Win-Win Business Structure.   This new business structure partners a non-profit foundation with a for-profit corporation.   The New Corporate World website shows how to use this format to create new corporate business structures and how to transform existing corporations into the new format.  His website shows a simple and unique way to slowly and steadily shift corporate ownership from the super-wealthy to the foundations.   In the foundation/corporation partnership format, the foundation owns controlling stock in the for-profit corporation and thus receives most of the profits.   Profits are used to replace taxing the people.   Foundation money is used to pay for government activities and to fulfill the needs of the people by providing social services such as health care and education.   

It’s an incredibly simple, easy-to-implement corporate management structure.   When it’s applied to the present business world, it will return billions of dollars to the working class and give equal priority to four factors 1) corporate employees, 2) corporate  customers, 3) making a profit and 4)  the environment.   At the same time, it will put an end to outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries.  

When it is applied to the the business world, it will change the way the corporate world  does business.   The people will be the real beneficiaries.   The new format will significantly improve everyone’s life.  

Unfortunately, our nations financial system and all the major, present-day corporations are owned by a cartel of bankers and bankers are not interested in the well-being of the people.   Fortunately, the control by this group of Cabal banking criminals is rapidly dwindling and will soon be completely ended.   


For about two years, (2010 and 2011) Robert was blessed with the opportunity to be a student of Dr. Karl Wolfe.   Dr. Wolfe is one of the most profound teachers on the entire planet.  


In May of 2011, Rev. Cote’ discovered a serious environmental, social, and economic problem and its incredibly simple solution.   He discovered that both the problem and the solution were being completely ignored by almost everybody who was in a position to resolve this problem.   In response to what he found, he set up the California Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration Foundation (CAHR Foundation)  He refers to the foundation’sCalifornia Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration Project as The Ultimate Worthy Cause


The Ultimate Worthy Cause

The Source of Fresh Water for
25 Million People in Central & Southern California

Is About to Be Shut Off.

Unless we build a storm-surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait, a major winter storm or a 6.7 or higher earthquake in or near San Francisco will cause the California Aqueduct to be shut down for about two years while repairs are made.   

25 million people will be without their major source of water,
Thousands of California farms will stop growing food, and
Hundreds of thousands of people will lose their jobs.    

In 2011, Rev. Cote’ began by researching this problem and its possible solutions.   He formed the CAHR Foundation and designed, created, and produced a detailed website explaining the problem and its solutions.   At this time, he is working to bring this problem to the attention of the public,  the politicians, the electronic and print media, and to the major corporations which will lose billions of dollars in lost profits if this impending disaster is not resolved soon.  He is using a simple, unique, efficient, and effective way to fund this project.   

The Project’s Status Today, September, 2013:   We are in the Outreach phase of the project.  We’ve done almost all we can do without the assistance of others.   Here’s where you can make a huge step in making the CAHR Foundation project a success.        


This website and the other 70+ websites in the TLC-Life-Center Family of Websites were written, created, produced (paid for), uploaded, and presently web-mastered by Rev. Cote’.  

What is now an extensive collection of his writings began on July 4, 1989 in an emotional response to the Supreme Court’s ruling which opened the door to the repeal of women’s reproductive rights.
Here’s a slightly edited version of his 4 Jul 1989 writing.    

Rev. Robert’s writings cover a wide variety of topics:
The Ultimate Worthy Cause
Religion,  (multiple websites)
Universal Spirituality,
The Nature of Reality – What Does the Evidence tell us?
Freeing Ourselves from Financial Enslavement by the Criminal Cabal,
Returning to Marijuana Sanity,  (multiple websites)
The ignored solution that would end forced Motherhood (the Anti-Abortion war)  (multiple websites)
Why our present monetary system is a fraud and how to get rid  the criminal bankers
The ignored solution to the banking crisis —Creating a Public Service Banking System
The ignored solution which would end the nation’s financial crisis
Self-Awareness,   (multiple websites)
Emergency Preparedness,   (multiple websites)
Environmental Concerns,   (multiple websites)
Social, Personal, and Intimate Relationships, (Three E-books)
A fourth E-book, this one on religious sanity — An Interview with the Devil
Sex and the Lost art of Sensuality,
And much  more).  

A topic index of the content of the 70+TLC-Life-Center  websites is available at: .  

Robert’s State of Being ~ 2012

The following is my
personal perspectives on who and what I am.

I’ve been searching for the answers to the questions below since long before most of you were born: 

Who am I?
What am I?   
Where did I come from?   

Why am I here? 

Where am I going from here?

What did I do to deserve being born into this screwed up family? 

What could I have done that was so bad, and so terrible,
that it got me banished to the crust of the earth?  

In the light of my forty years of study and research, it becomes abundantly clear that Creator/Source is not simply an angry, fickle, mass-murdering, superhuman being who lives in the sky above planet Earth and who tortured and murdered his own son as an act of love.  

It’s also abundantly clear that what passes today for fundamentalist Christianity is about money, ego, and political control and seriously distorts the teachings of the master, Jesus, as expressed in the Christian Bible.   

Readers are invited to read Rev. Robert’s perspective on what the evidence tells us the most likely truth about cosmology as it relates to the nature of man and how he relates to Source/Creator


The ideas expressed on this website and expanded upon on the other 70+ TLC-Life-Center websites represent the culmination of forty years of concerted effort, thousands of hours of study, thousands of hours of silent contemplation, and seventy-two years ofhands-on in-the-moment, day-to-day experiences.  

I’ve done my job.  It’s time now for a team of people much younger than I am to take the lead and birth these gifts that Creator/Source has given to the world through me.  


Each of my priority goals has it’s own website.   At first glance many of my goals appear to be in the middle of The Lunatic Fringe.   However, once you examine the evidence, you’ll see that they’re simple, practical, highly valuable, and are actually quite easily doable.   When put into practice, they will produce significant, positive changes.   There are, however, two main problems that stand in the way of manifesting these visions: 

1)  My projects are so far ahead of the curve, that most people cannot see the truth in them.
2)  Humanity, in general, and our so-called leaders, in particular, are adamantly opposed to change.

Regarding the manifestations of my visions, my job today is to be project advisor and the executive producer in their manifestations.   In other  words, less “doing” and more “being.” 


More About Robert


What I am:

I am the creator of:  

The Platinum Coin Solution  

Regarding your personal financial problems and the nation’s financial crises, The Platinum Coin Solution is the fastest working,  most direct,  simplest in structure,  easiest to implement,  and most effective solution you’ll ever find anywhere.   

The “California Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration Foundation.”
The Ultimate Worthy Cause      

The Voice of Choice,
How to end the Forced Motherhood (anti-abortion) War,    

The “Hemp Revolution Solution,”
How to end the Anti-Medical-Marijuana War and
create a multi-billion-dollar American Hemp industry.

Type “hemp revolution solution” into the Google search engine
and see what comes up.  On 25 Oct 2012, of 1,830,000 results.
This site was number one after the sponsored links.  

I am also co-creator of the H&C Emergency Safety Shelter business partnership.  

In terms of how I relate to the world,
I’m strongly kinesthetic,
and secondarily visual.
I first see similarities and then notice differences.
I neither smoke cigarettes nor marijuana.  I do not use alcohol.

I am highly spiritual — not religious.   I have a direct connection to Source/Creation.   I am co-director of TLC-Life-Center, a meta-religion, inside-of-God, spiritually-focused organization that transcends churchianity and religiosity.  

I accept the open-minded, evidence-based approach to Cosmology (the nature of “God” and the Universe) rather than the one-way-my-way, closed-minded, ancient-religion-based approach.  

I’ve had past experiences with marijuana, hash, LSD, iowaska, and magic mushrooms.   These substances were learning tools for me, like training wheels are  on a bicycle for a young child.   They significantly enhanced my ability to connect to the invisible world of spirit.

Most of the content of my writing come to me from the invisible world of Source/Creation.   Here’s a Sample.

As for hobbies, I’m a skilled craftsman and occasionally design and build things, such as tables and cabinets.   Years ago, I built my own king-sized bed.  

I’ve recently taken up rollerblading.  I’m still in the learning curve. 

I am not yet independently wealthy, however,
with the expansion of any one of
the four above-mentioned projects,
I/we soon will be.

Since retiring, I have shifted my focus
to the four projects named above.
I also have three online E-books,
two on relationships and one on “Universal Spirituality.”

I hold a masters degree from the University of Vermont,
My career included being:
a California licensed real estate broker,
a California licensed general contractor,
a wedding minister, officiating about 1,500 weddings.  

With regard to my political philosophy, I’m “A Reasonable.”
i.e. What does both heart and head say is the right,
wise, and just thing to be, do, have, express, and experience
in this present situation.  

My political role model:
Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s primetime program,
Rachel Maddow Show.  

What I’m Not :

I enjoy occasional, social events, but I’m not a fervent party goer.
I have only casual interest in spectator sports such as football, or basketball.   Also, I have only casual interest in participating in boating, golf, and tennis.  

As a trained and experienced mediator, I find wars, fighting, and the use of courts and/or lawyers as a rather dumb way to solve problems.  


I’m widowed from a 22 year relationship.
I have three animal companions — three cats  –
Goldie, Jazz, and Zuumm.  

I have recently connected with my new life partner.
I’m also open to finding
more friends, and more business associates,
people who would like to be a part of
one or more of the four above mentioned projects. 

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