Tu’ Tukana & Roy Martin Interview ~ 09/29/13 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio


Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha (Alex) Lessin interviewed ~ Tu’ Tukana & Roy Martin on the Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio (www.freedomslips.com) ~ September 29, 2013.
Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin interviewed Tu’Takana and Roy Martin about the continuation of super soldier and secret mind control projects, and specifically how they interface with the Annunaki and Illuminati bloodline breeding programs. Tu’Takana, one of the embodiments of Ninmah, Mother of Humanity, is a survivor of these programs, much like Janet and she brings forward some of the details about her story and how the genetics obsessed dark forces abused her for secret intelligence operations, ritual and consciousness experimentation.


Tu survived all this despite huge odds and now teaches others how to overcome mind-splitting abuse and programming like the secret government forced on her. She was traumatized then hypnotized, Manchurian-Candidate_like, to carry messages, service the elite sexually and at about age 30, suicide or accept ritual sacrifice.



Intuitive Roy Martin reminds us about the power of the Divine Feminine and explains the present state of gender role reversal and how it effects the overall picture. Although, the story “Tu” shares with us about her life may be difficult she has developed a profound strength and inner knowingness about the big picture, our connections to the Annunaki and how we can move forward from here as a human race.”



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Roy is an intuitive who has been drawn to researching the Annunaki due to his own personal experiences on his journey to awakening. He is gifted in many areas, including music, construction, communications and even invented a product for automobiles that will cut down on gas consumption by 40%! The Goddess has been revealing herself to Roy recently and in particular has been orchestrating the reunion of some very powerful and old souls that Roy is helping to unite. These beings are remembering their Annunaki connections and ancient roots, which is an area of intense interest to Roy and they are all working toward the activation and empowerment of humanity on multiple levels. So, he is excited about his role helping to restore the masculine and feminine to their proper places and participating with the revelation of truth regarding our heritage as humanity. As someone who grew up with heavy religious programs he has seen first-hand the damage they do and has made himself available and usable to spirit by offering his abilities in communication and technical skills to assist humanity, the Earth and specifically the Goddess at this time and he is finding that spirit has no shortage of assignments for the willing!
Tu’s Bio: (www.tutakana.com)
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I am a survivor of MK Ultra, including subprojects that are extensions of supposedly terminated experiments like Project IBIS and Monarch. The installation of my programming was mostly carried out in psychiatric institutions and involved the deliberate creation of multiple personalities in me through various methods of torture and technological controls so that I could be abused for covert intelligence purposes and consciousness experimentation. I have multiple personalities and have been working very hard to deprogram and heal from the abuse by becoming aware of and attempting to integrate those multiple personalities.

I am also a starseed soul, connected to the ancient Earth and a keeper of the New Earth timelines and perceive multidimensional information. I believe it was my grandfather’s position as a supervising physicist for the Navy and my families ties to defense and national security that I was originally targeted for intelligence purposes and that my grandfather married a Bernhard from Germany in order to create a bloodline intelligence family, that is my hypothesis so far.

I also have several very ancient royal family lines in my blood, including House of Stuart on Mother’s side and am what is called of the Dragon Blood or Grail Line descendancy. I am a descendant of Enki, brother of Enlil, who were the first 2 Annunaki kings to rule on Earth. Enki has been demonized and is referred to as the devil and Satan by the Catholic church and our family line persecuted, but, these accusations are false and eventually the true evil in this world will be exposed and so will the lies of religious politics. I have advanced genetics and a referred to as Indigo, although, I am truly dedicated to this planet and I took a vow to stay here on this planet and assist as long as I can be of service. So, I am connected to universal intelligences through my blood that are very ancient and in the next universe, but, my role is to carry that connection into this one, not leave this one for another.

Tu Takana Out of the Matrix Aside, from my family connections to intelligence, Navy, NSA and Illuminati bloodlines I had an extremely high genius level IQ as a child and many abilities that were desired for consciousness experimentation purposes and espionage, but, my blood lineage was known by cabal members even though it was kept from my family. I experienced a severe increase in mind control abuse and experimentation after I attended the NASA US Space Camp in Florida at 12 yrs. old and was selected out of all the children at the summer camp for the “Right Stuff Award.” The following fall my life began to change forever and I was not able to compete any of my Jr. High or High School years satisfactorily due to the lengthy hospitalizations and side effects from programming. However, I was passed through anyway and ended up getting a Bachelors Degree before my 21st birthday. I went to work in the aviation software verification industry immediately after college and worked with all top secret security contract engineers, handled the contracts, HR, payroll, marketing, office management and everything else that did not require Engineering skills. After September 11th happened our company almost dissolved due to contracts being held up in that field. The whole time I was working there they were programming me and after I was laid off I was used for intelligence gathering covertly and information exchange between members of covert organizations and ritual.

tutakana-22225555The way the program worked was that they made me so sick when I was a kid and then turned around and called me crazy for feeling that way and created an exaggerated and false psychological profile on me so they could discredit me later in life and use me experimentally for the rest of my life without being taken seriously by any authorities I went to for help if I should remember, which I did only after a programmed suicide attempt in 2004 failed. With their consciousness experiments I think they want to know what God is, how to control humans completely and create a race of super beings who serve the agenda of the Elite. It is my impression that my whole life has been part of their data collection processes for such types of experiments which would give them the knowledge they need to be successful.

Lucky for me I am also a very old soul with lots of wisdom, so even my programmers do not have complete control over my being. I have been fighting back and reclaiming pieces of myself from many lifetimes and traumas. Self healing is most important to me and I am not here to be anyone’s guru or spiritual leader. I am gifted spiritually though and I am a channel and do offer readings if you are interested just contact me. These gifts of mine were one of the reasons I was selected for certain espionage purposes and ritual, so that my handlers could abuse my abilities for their agenda, which I loathe.So, as you can imagine, I am very happy to use my gifts to assist others with personal intuitive readings instead and you can find detailed information about how to place an order for a reading on my Intuitive Readings page.



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