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Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Published on Sep 1, 2013

WFT? CNN broke the historic WHAT THE FUKUSHIMA? news today 8.31.13. We immediately began producing this video, where scientist Patrick Flanagan tells us that Fukushima is far worse than we’ve all been led to believe.

http://phisciences.com founder Patrick Flanagan says it’s even worse that CNN has reported, a horrific equivalent of radiation equal to 10 Hiroshima’s an hour 24/7 has been pumped into seas for since 3.11.13. That’s equal to about 8,700 Hiroshima’s.

Link to the LIFE MAGAZINE story on the young doctor Flanagan.http://phisciences.com/patricks-life-…

Is it any wonder our world is dying? What the Fukushima?!

Video from director Ken Sheetz http://buzzbroz.com

See Ken’s meditations for a better world at http://dreamshield.org

The CNN story the world can be grateful for.http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.c…

Songs used are licensed for our exclusive worldwide use in connection with his video.

TRAGIC CONSEQUENCE:http://www.videoblocks.com/videos/det…

LONELY LOVE STORY http://www.videoblocks.com/videos/det…

All still and A bomb footage used under Fair Use laws for documentary purposes.

Not surprisingly, some out there, deep in the programming of society, brainwashed by videos game or God knows what, who seem to think a post apocalyptic world of zombies and the living dead radiation will create are cool are making some strange comments and personal attacks. I reassure you not a single one of these comments will be allowed to be posted out of great respect for Patrick Flanagan’s message of hope and serious wake up call. I will also ban and weed out anyone making disrespectful comments from my channel permanently for wasting my time with your nonsense. Thanks and big thanks to all of you seeing what this man, who invented something to help heal you, and not hiding behind a psuedonymn is doing. Grow the Fuku up.

This makes a lot of work for me on a viral video as I must review thousands of comments for approval to post. So please be patient at seeing your comments appear.

    Uploader Comments (BuzzBroz)

    • EarlofCrawford 

      EarlofCrawford 20 hours ago

      The international community always waits until it is too late.


    • BuzzBroz 

      BuzzBroz 19 hours ago

      As the doctor tells me, it is late in the game but not too late. Do not lose hope, Earl. These are concrete remedies and we are reaching out to the Japanese Prime minister. Rest assured Dr. Flanagan, named by LIFE MAGAZINE, as one of the top scientists on earth has a solution to swiftly end Fukushima once and for all. Don’t lose hope, Wallstreetwars.

       · in reply to EarlofCrawford
    • Camila Frenzi 

      Camila Frenzi 21 hours ago

      How can we contact Dr Patrick Flanagan?

    • BuzzBroz 

      BuzzBroz 21 hours ago

      The link is in the video description to the doctors website.

       · in reply to Camila Frenzi
    • steveomaximus 

      steveomaximus 22 hours ago

      GOOD luck on getting anybody to do anything about this they all want to wait tell its way way past any point of return before anything gets done they dont care about the little man or women there all safe in there perfect money life with cures and safety

    • BuzzBroz 

      BuzzBroz 21 hours ago

      Love the outrage in your post. But do not despair. Stay positive while kicking ass.

       · in reply to steveomaximus

    All Comments (18)

    Janet Lessin 

    • Mogtepyigsoloth 

      Mogtepyigsoloth 7 hours ago

      No, they have an ideology: YOLO.

       · in reply to acoto5275 (Show the comment)
    • acoto5275 

      acoto5275 10 hours ago

      The rich must have shelters up on mars or they are just to blinded by greed and power.

    • Dean Hodges 

      Dean Hodges 13 hours ago

      Only solution is nuke the site from outer space.

    • ormusbutterfly 

      ormusbutterfly 15 hours ago

      This picture in the beginning of the video (00:28) is from NOAA and was used to illustrate the height of the waves from the Fukushima tsunami, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with radiation. Above ground atmospheric tests of nuclear bombs have been done worldwide with radiation levels vastly higher than hiroshima and we’re all still here… furthermore, there is compelling evidence that this video is being used to sell a product.


       · in reply to BuzzBroz (Show the comment)
    • Sam Adams 

      Sam Adams 17 hours ago

      This is so wonderful to hear the message of hope and someone speaking of real solutions. Really giving me a heavy heart for a while now how serious this is and the lack of world response and urgency…. Thank you so much for this information. I will be posting and reposting….


    • mmooppaarr6699 

      mmooppaarr6699 18 hours ago

      Wave height map is a great thumbna


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