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Janet and Dr. Sasha Lessin read then comment on a blog Peter Wroblewski wrote after hearing Preston Nichols speak on time travel and alternative realities.

Time is an illusion of the current now, permeable, changeable by consciousness directed with intention.  The past is simply a function of the now.  The future’s imagined. All require an observer/participant to exist. Beware, be aware of your thoughts, for thoughts are deeds. The law of attraction’s the most powerful of all universal laws for you create what you imagine and intend.

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time_travel_new2Replace negative thoughts, intentions and emotions with positive and you create a reality that serves all humanity, all creation in all dimensions, all levels, all vibratory frequencies from Source through to the lowest vibratory frequencies of existence.  Love conquers all fear, evil, separation thoughts and emotions.  You are the Creator of All made manifest in physicality.  We are all one being reflecting on this here now experience creating diversity throughout the continuum.

Here’s the letter from Peter Wroblewski from the AWAKE AND AWARE CONFERENCE 2013


I spent a recent weekend in Los Angeles at a conference on Time Travel and Alternate Realities…and a remarkable thing happened. After spending time hearing lectures and then discussing possibilities with some of the other attendees and then pondering those possibilities and situations internally, a realization occurred to me. It was a realization about the Elridge-Warping-Through-Timenature of our attention to time…or our awareness of time. What I realized is that it is our awareness of time that allows it to exist. And our awareness of time is enhanced (or created) by the turning of the tides, the rotation of the planet, and the sequence of night into day into night.

Philadelphia-Experiement-2222888Our awareness of time is actually an awareness of other events coming and going, which seems to indicate that time has passed. But has it? Is it possible that the only place that time exists is here on earth, because it is here that time ‘seems’ to pass? The language can get loopy.












bashar_darryl_anka175.gif1One of the ideas I found fascinating was expressed by Bashar, a personality who speaks through a person named Darrel Anka. As he discussed memory and memories, he suggested that we have no way of knowing whether the memory we ‘recall’ is actually what happened ‘back then.’ It is entirely possible that what we recall is actually different than what we experienced in the past. If you were to ask 20 people who were with you at a given event in the past what they experienced at that event, you would likely get 20 different responses.

time-travel-5153107_stdSo there is no consensus of what happened in the past, just like there is no way of forming an accurate consensus of what will happen in the future. So what we are doing is recreating the past event, in the now, on the fly, every time we tell ourselves (or each other) that we remember something. In other words, everything is happening – or being created by us – right now. There is no such thing as a memory. There is no such thing as the past. There is no such thing as the future. They are constructions of our intellect as a response to the cyclical environment we find ourselves in and referencing constantly.

Time-Illusion-of-the-MindYou’ve heard it before…TIME IS AN ILLUSION. The past does not create the present, the present determines the past.

So if we look closely, it would seem that this ‘reality’ could be the only place that time exists. And if we can leave this reality or access other realities then time will not exist there like it does here.

reversing-aging-process-222333One of the speakers said that there exists a possibility that we are aging because we are convinced that time is passing by. And as we age, time seems to pass more quickly. He said conversely that if we daydream while driving, and the hour that just went by felt like 15 minutes, we actually only aged 15 minutes in that hour.




One of the best ideas I heard was to “act on your highest excitement at all times.” The idea being that if you are constantly doing what excites you the most, and you do it as much as you can and as hard as you can until the idea comes along to do something else, based on the excitement you felt while doing what you love, then you move on to the next idea that excites you the most and do it until you can’t do it anymore. This will keep you in a place that contains your highest bliss and when you are in that state of mind you will attract other blissful things and other positive, inspiring ideas. The Law of Attraction in Action. A great way to live your life. We can learn a thing or two from these time travelers….and it will be fun!


Anthony-Sanchez-on-Blue-PlanetThe Alternate Realities angle was covered by a number of speakers in different ways. Two of the presenters, Stephen Kelly and Anthony Sanchez, discussed the alternate reality that exists here, right under our noses, which is commonly referred to as the “Black Projects” or “Black Ops”. It would seem that very powerful people, many of whom are in positions in Government and or military organizations, have gained access to technology that did not originate on Earth.

Time-Travel-Coming-American-Physicist-DeclaresThe use of this ‘foreign’ technology is kept secret by these elite groups, and the confusion around the origin and existence of UFO’s is being used to obscure the reality that human beings are in possession of technology that can move them through time and space quicker than you or I can even imagine. The paranoia of the defense industry and the compartmentalization of information in the military structure have contributed to an environment of secrecy where the general population of the planet is left out of the discussion about what is possible and what is happening.

385346_445159792217320_1103460517_nThere is truly more than one “now”. It all depends on your perspective. It all comes down to awareness. Einstein postulated that as we approach the speed of light, reality (time) would seem to slow down. And when we hit the speed of light, reality stops…or more accurately, time expands to be everywhere at once. Imagine a void of nothingness; completely empty. Then you add one particle…one electron for example. Because that particle is the only thing inside that reality, it has infinite potential. Because there is nothing to act on it, it can move at infinite speed. It can traverse everywhere within the void so fast, it is everywhere at every moment. In other words, everything we see and experience might actually be ONE PARTLCLE, moving at infinite speed through this perceived reality.

Oneness - Cosmic-JourneytoOneness (1) So in REALITY, everything is one! How’s that for simple?

Preston-NicholsFor me though, the most striking presentation came at the close of the conference from a man named Preston Nichols. Simply put, Preston is a genius. A genius of electronics. A genius of consciousness. A true eccentric. He was apparently the Lead Scientist on the Montauk Project, a top secret military program involving the amplification and projection of consciousness which resulted in a large military vessel disappearing from Montauk Long Island and then simultaneously appearing in Norfolk, Virginia.

AwakeningPreston built a machine that amplifies intention and projects it somehow, using music and the male sexual mind set. It is a difficult concept to describe, but I think the general idea is that you focus energy in on one central spot and if you project enough energy in onto that spot, a small black hole will form and time and reality will distort. If you put someone into that area and have them concentrate, it becomes possible to project their consciousness into another time or place. There are lots of little details he mentioned about amplifiers and music, sympathetic harmonics and sexual intent that allows a psychic to project his or her consciousness.

DNAAwakening2012As crazy as this all sounds – admittedly I am not describing it accurately enough to express the completeness of the idea – the idea of projecting one’s consciousness is not that far-fetched. Your consciousness surrounds you. It is an awareness that extends beyond the physical container of you. If someone is across the room talking, you can often focus your awareness in on their voice and distinguish them from all the other sounds or voices in the room. We can hear a plane going by without even seeing it. That’s what consciousness is…awareness. Awareness within and awareness outside.

awakening-294x300Nichols has been experimenting with the projection of his consciousness for decades. He described how one day, a future version of himself appeared in his living room. He asked himself for a glass of water, which Preston (present) happily supplied. Preston (future) then proceeded to hand him 2 cd’s, which contained computer programs that provided access to knowledge about the source of the universe. When he put on the appropriate sympathetic harmonic music, and projected himself, he became aware of the center of the Milky Way right in front of him.

spiritualityAnd he figured that any system that is that complex must have had a designer, so he said “who are you?” And it replied “I am the Beginning and I am the End.” So he began to ask questions to which it was happy to respond. He found himself in direct contact with the Source of the Universe! And to his delight, the answers he received appeared to be correct. So he asked more questions. And he got more answers. His work continues in upstate New York to this day. I’m so happy to know that we have an intellect like Nichol’s out there making new discoveries.

It’s no secret that music can transport the mind. Music was really created to augment the passage of time. It adorns the moment. It allows us to appreciate the passage of time with more interest, and more detail. For me, to discover that music is a key component to a device that allows us to travel through time make perfect sense. And it makes me psyched to encounter the future NOW! Bring it on!

Preston Nichols

Al Bielek

Larry James

Duncan Cameron
Stewart Swerdlow

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