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Inanna erupted when Enki chose Ningishzidda to replace Marduk as Lord of Nile Lands.  She and Dumuzi, she shouted, should’ve ruled the Upper Nile “Against Marduk the war I led; that entitles me to my own domain,” she roared.

The Enlilite leaders beamed Anu on Nibiru.  He’d not visited Earth for 7,000 Earth Years.  “To Earth come,” Enlil pleaded, “Deal with Inanna.”

“How Inanna’s demands the leaders contemplated.  Regarding the Earth and its resettling, words with Anu [on Nibiru] they exchanged.

“From the time of the Deluge [11,000B.C.] almost two Shars [7200 years] passed. Earthlings proliferated, from mountainlands to dried lowlands.  Of Civilized Mankind Ziusudra there were descendants, with Anunnaki seed they were intermixed.  Offspring of the Igigi who intermarried roamed about.  In the distant lands Ka-in’s kinfolk survived.

Few and lofty were the Anunnaki who from Nibiru had come, few were their perfect [genetically unmixed with Earthlings] descendants.  How over Mankind lofty to remain, how to make the many the few obey and serve.  About all that, about the future the leaders with Anu words exchanged.  To come to Earth Anu decided.” [ZS, Enki: 264 -265]

In the 7000 years since the Deluge, the Nibirans reclaimed Sumer.  They rebuilt on the silt that covered their predeluvian homes–Enki’s Eridu and Enlil’s Nibru-ki.  For Anu’s visit to Earth, they built Unug-ki, a temple in Uruk where neither Enki nor Enlil ruled.

3800 B.C., Anu and his wife Antu landed at Tilmun.  Enki, Enlil and Ninmah–Anu’s three children–greeted them.  “At each other they looked, aging to examine: though greater in shars [orbits of Nibiru of Solaris] were the parents, younger than the children they looked.  The two sons [Enki and Enlil] looked old and bearded; Ninmah, once a beauty, was bent and wrinkled.” [ZS, Enki: 268].

Enlil told Anu “Enki was withholding from the other gods [i.e., the Enlilites] the ‘Divine Formulas’–[information devices called MEs], that hold  knowledge of more than one hundred aspects of civilization–confining advancement to Eridu [Enki’s fief] and its people only.”

Anu said, “Divine Formulas, Enki, with other gods share, so urban centers establish they can.  Civilization to all Sumer grant.” [ZS, Wars: 193-194]


“I dreamed,” Enki told Ninmah, Enlil and King Anu, “your Plenpotentiary, Galzu, gave me plans for Ziusudra’s boat.  I woke and kicked a stone tablet with boat plans engraved.”

Puzzled, Anu said, “Never did I send a secret plenipotentiary to Earth.”

Enki and Enlil exclaimed, “On account of Galzu Ziusudra and the seed of life were saved.  On account of Galzu on Earth we remained.”

” ‘The day you to Nibiru return, you shall die,so did Galzu to us say.’   Incredulous of that was Anu;“The change in cycles [between Earth and Nibiru] indeed havoc did cause, but with elixirs cured it was.”

“‘Whose emissary, if not yours was Galzu?‘  Enki and Enlil in unison said.  ‘Who the Earthlings to save wanted, who on Earth made us stay?’

For the Creator of All did Galzu appear.”  Ninmah said. The Creator planned, she said, for the Nibirans to hybridize with Erectus.

Anu said, “While fates we decreed, the hand of destiny at every step directed.  The will of the Creator of All is: on Earth and for Earthlings, only emissaries are we.  The Earth to the Earthlings belong, to preserve and advance them we were intended.

“Whatever Destiny for the Earth and Earthlings, let it so be.  If Man, not Anunnaki to inherit the Earth is destined, let us destiny help.

“Give Mankind knowledge…secrets of heaven and Earth them teach.  Laws of justice and righteousness teach them then depart and LEAVE.” [ZS, Enki: 271, 275] 


On his sixth day on Earth, Anu called Ninmah, Enlil and Enki to the palace they’d built him.

Enlil told Anu of abundant gold in the Andes.

Enlil, Anu, Ninmah and Enki realized the Creator of All had, via Galzu, ordained they protect and develop the hybrid Earthlings they created in the lab and in bed. They decided:

 “Knowledge Mankind to provide.  Cities of Man to establish, therein sacred precincts abodes for the Anunnaki create.  Kingship as on Nibiru on Earth establish, crown and scepter to a chosen man give, by him the word of the Anunnaki to the people convey, work and dexterity to enforce; in the sacred precincts a priesthood to establish, the Anunnaki as lofty lords to serve and worship.  Secret knowledge to be taught, civilization to Mankind convey.”

Nibirans “brought down from heaven symbols of Anu’s military dictator-kingship: divine headdress (crown, tiara); scepter of staff (symbol of power, authority); and coiled measuring cord (representing Justice); these symbols appear in divine investiture depictions at all times in which the god or goddess grants these objects to a new king.” [ZS, Enki, 271 – 272; Giants: 127]

The Anunnaki turned Earthlings’ palace-servant duties into religious rituals that persist to this day.  “Serving meats on the Anunnaki table became burnt offerings.   The table became an altar.  The transportation of the local Anunnaki ruler on a dias became a procession of statues.  The Anunnaki palaces became temples.” [Freer, Sapiens Arising]

Anu decreed four regions, three–Sumer, Egypt and Africa, and Indus Valley–whom Ziusudra’s descendants would govern for the Nibirans.

 Region 1: Enlilites’:  Enlil and his lineage named kings, men descended from Ziusudra’s sons, Shem and Japhet the Fair, through whom they ruled Sumer.  By 7400 B.C.

Shem, and his successors ran nations from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean.  Around

3800 B.C., Shem’ s descendants settled the ex-spaceport area of Iraq and the Landing Place at Lebanon. Japhet’s issue ruled lands in Asia Minor, the Black and C

Region 2: Enkiites’: Anu said Enki and his descendants would rule Egypt and Africa though successors of Ziusudra’s son Ham the Dark.  Ham’s line ruled Canaan, Cush, Mizra’im, Nubia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Libya from the highlands and spreading to the reclaimed lowlands.

 Region 3: Inanna’s: Inanna would rule the Indus Valley (to settle around 2800 B.C.) as a grain-source for the other regions.

 Region 4: Ninmah’s: Ninmah reigned in The forth region, Tilmun (Sinai).  Anu reserved Sinai for Nibirans and their descendants.  [ZS, Wars: 129-135; Enki: 271 – 272]


“Anu to his great-granddaughter Inanna took a liking; he drew her closely, he hugged and kissed her.”  At Anu’s temple at Uruk, Sumer’s sacred precinct, Anu’s wife, Antu, taught Inanna tantric sexual meditations and how to channel the sexual energy she and Anu would share to elevate their whole clan.  Then Antu ritually gave Inanna to Anu. Antu and the Nibiran elite meditated outside the love-chamber as Anu and Inanna coupled. Antu and the Nibiran royals shared ecstasy, epiphany and satori. “The sexual experience was a merging of energies which enhanced the creative powers of both partners and the aggregate of their race.” [ZS, Enki: 273]

Anu renamed his great granddaughter Inanna, “Anu’s Beloved;”  She’d been “Irnini” before this.  He’d bed her whenever he visited Earth.  The King gave her the temple where they loved and the skyship he’d use to survey Earth.  Inanna, he said, would run Uruk’s temple through a priest/king, the son of her brother Utu with an Earthling.

Earthlings paved Uruk with “limestone blocks brought from mountains fifty miles to the East.”  They erected a thick, six-mile long wall around Uruk’s living quarters and Inanna’s temple. [ZS, Encounters:166 -176; Giants: 75]

11th Tablet, Part 6:

Tablet 12, Part 1


More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Sasha Lessin Ph.D from Emmanuel Bombardier on Vimeo.

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