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In this episode, Janet Kira Lessin, a channel of Ninmah, shares her experience on the Mothership in 1958 (when she was 4 years old). On the ship, ETs showed her alternate futures for Earth. She learned that she, and all of us, can choose alternatives from death to utopia.

She was on the ship many hours, from noon till dusk, and her family was made to be unaware of her “missing time”.

On board ship, Janet resumed her identification with her Eternal Being, remembering who she is from the Higher Continuum perspective where all memory exists and she has knowledge of all her incarnations and the totality of existence.

She came to realize that life in physical form, especially this human form, is something she agreed to do, to be hypnotized into believing this paradigm, the Earth matrix is real so that she can experience “life” on this planet and anchor into this “time”. Time is also an illusion.

The purpose of entering the game is for experience (something to do) which creates diversity and allows souls to co-create with Source.

This is the second episode where Janet reveals her many interactions with extraterrestrials and interdimensionals.

Episode 1: Greys Took Me to the Federation Dragon Queen – http://aquarianradio.com/2012/12/greys-took-me-to-the-federation-dragon-internet-radio-interviews-janet-kira-lessin/

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  1. i am one of 3 taken off corner experiencing night of missing time with some memory of between experience. I also have 2 views (xrays) of unknown (Implant) under skin of upper arm

    I have had many further experiences before and after this particular event that i very much would like to share with folks if there is an interest in us. Thank you for your time and consideration Alta

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