LEARN FROM LIVES LAPSED: VALUE VISIONS of PASTLIFE RELATIONS by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., Certified Pastlife Therapist

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I suggest you follow the directions in a place where you can express emotions.

Imagine your spirit circles the world. As you circle the planet, notice yourself attracted or repelled by certain places.

Sense or see your feet in one of the places that drew you or in one of the place that repelled you.

Notice your feet. Are they old or young? See your sex. If you’re clothed, feel the texture, pressure and warmth on you.

Notice your immediate situation, as you embody this person. See the scene you occupy. Sense what’s about to happen.

Let it happen; fully experience it. Express your emotions.

View and experience the main turning points, the story line, of this life you’re reliving. Go backward or forward in time to the key events in this life.

When you get to a key event, experience your thoughts, actions, body feelings, emotions in slow-motion. Note feelings come up; put your feelings into words. Let your body move as it wants as you re-experience the event.

Notice the moment when, in this key scene, you imprint a decision about yourself, about the way things are.

Go to when you’re dying.

Think again your last thought.

Feel again your last emotions and sensations.

Notice the last things you see and hear.

Note self-limiting, fearful, angry, embittering, saddening or vengeful attitudes you go out with.

Notice any pain or bodily pattern you lock into your body image at death.

Experience what happens as you die. Go to the actual moment of death.

Then go beyond the death, to a higher place–to the interlife, the Bardo.


Imagine you go up to a place where you can reconcile, review and integrate the learning from the life you just lost. Enter the Bardo, the place between lives.

If you have unexpressed feelings toward any characters in the past life you just completed, encounter them in spirit here in the Bardo. Ask their forgiveness and be willing, as well, to forgive them.

From your spiritual perspective in the Interlife, look back at the life you just left and articulate the main things you learned. What did you need to feel that life? What was the overall meaning of the life? What would you want to have done differently? Imagine what kind of atonements or balancing action in the world would be needed, in a future life, to balance ill you did in the life you left.

Then, to integrate this exploration into your life now, consider who, from the pastlife, is like someone in this life. Ask yourself how the patterns of the pastlife influence you yet. Contemplate how you’re like or reactively opposite the person you were in the pastlife. Realize which of your inner voices has been most affected by your pastlife experiences. Commit to acts of atonement, if appropriate.

There are three levels of past-life work: Realistic-cathartic, Archetypal/Subself and Higher Awareness.

Realistic-Cathartic Level: at first, you get most therapeutic value if you take the past-life stories you see. Treat the stories you generate as if they’re absolutely real. Even if you don’t believe the stories are real, you can use them therapeutically. For now, assume there’s a direct cause-effect relation between the past lives you image and your life now.

At this level, you tell the past-life story without judgment or interpretation. Allow full emotional expression of the pain, horror, shame. Live all the major turning points of the past-life person’s history, including the exact moment of death. Assume the loss, hurt, guilt, grief, or bitterness you felt in the life you imaged led you to defensiveness, rationalizations and a lifestyle to avoid ever repeating the same hurtful situation in your present life.

In successive pastlife regression sessions, you’ll probably find you image mirror-opposite lives. If you’re victim one life–raped, murdered, enslaved; you’re bully–rapist, killer, master–in another. In successive lives, you and one of your parents may take turns being each other’s parent and spouse; in some of the pastlives, you’ll both be of different sexes than now. Once these feelings between you and your parent are relived in pastlives, you can drop some of your charge toward that parent in this life.

Archetypal/Subself Level: at this level you detach. Guides help you see the opposing sides of your being (eg, killer and victim) as interacting parts of you. You meet the deep needs of the voices you developed around the pastlife scripts. You realize that the things you dislike in other people just remind you of your inner aspects, your voices, energies, subselves. You come to peace with self and other folk.

Higher Awareness Level: you see all lives and oppositions as part of your overall being and live fully conscious and symptom free. You enjoy all roles and distinctions as part of the ever-changing play of existence.

Do you FEAR BEING LEFT, FEEL INSECURE? You could see a pastlife where you were deserted, separated in a war, orphaned, sold into slavery, left to starve.

Do you FEEL DEPRESSED, APATHETIC? You could see a pastlife where you lost a beloved or parent; didn’t complete mourning; killed yourself; gave up in war, mass murder, exile.

Do you FEAR BEASTS, FIRE, WATER, BUGS, KNIVES, DISASTER, SMOTHERING? FEEL GUILTY, PLAY MARTYR? You could see a pastlife where you were hurt and killed by beasts, flames, water, bugs, knives, disaster, smothering made others die.

Do you OVER-EAT, STARVE, WORRY ABOUT MONEY? You could see a pastlife where you starved, were poor or bankrupt.

Do you SUFFER INJURIES, PHYSICAL ABUSE? You could see a pastlife where you died as a young soldier.

Do you GET IN FAMILY STRUGGLES? You could see a pastlife where you were betrayed, bullied, or cheated by relatives.

Do you HAVE SEX PROBLEMS, GENITAL INFECTIONS OR INVOLVEMENT IN SEX ABUSE? You could see a pastlife where you raped, abused or tortured or were raped, abused or tortured. If abused this life, you image abusing in prior lives.

Do you HAVE CRUEL IMPULSES? You could see a pastlife where you were tormented, with sexual undercurrents and want to get even.

Do you HAVE MARRIAGE PROBLEMS? You could see a pastlife where you had reversed sex and power roles with your mate.

Do you HAVE CHRONIC PHYSICAL ILLS? You could see a pastlife where you were hurt or killed by trauma to areas now troubling you.

Do you HAVE THROAT AILMENTS? You could see a pastlife where you denounced someone, held-in thoughts.

Do you HAVE ULCERS? You could see a pastlife where you were terrorized.

Do you HAVE NECKACHES? You could see a pastlife where you hanged or strangled.

Do you SUFFER WANDERLUST OR LONG FOR HOMELAND? You could see a pastlife where you were exiled, separated from loved ones.

Do you HAVE TRAUMATIC LABOR OR BIRTH? You could see a pastlife where you had same kind of trauma at death.

Do you FEEL VICTIMIZED? You could see a pastlife where you tortured, tormented, took advantage, killed.

Do you FEEL ILL OR DEPRESSED AT CERTAIN TIMES OF YEAR? You could see a pastlife where you were killed, hurt, traumatized at that time of year.

Which, if any, of the scripts above do you intuit might apply to you or someone you know well?

Are there programs you enact that you imagine could be explicated by accessing pastlife stories?

When you meditate, do psychedelics, holotropic breathwork or pastlife regression work, you may see pastlife images that still affect your lovelifes–images of you and people you know, but in other bodies in earlier lives

Pastlives portray present problems and pleasures. A pastlife can exaggerate and explain your agony, ecstasy, confusion or compulsion. You can feel current, childhood and even birth joy and pain as though it belonged to someone you used to be.

Treat a pastlife you get in the exploration to follow as real; don’t judge or interpret.

Express pain, horror, shame. Live the main events of the pastlife–death too. See how loss, hurt, guilt, grief, bitterness you felt that life led you to defend, rationalize and avoid resonances this life.

You may image a life opposite yours now. Or see a series—a life when you were enslaved, raped or killed, then a life when you enslaved, raped or slew. Forgive yourself and your antagonists.

You could view a pastlife when you parented the soul who’s now your mother or father. If you’re male, you could view an earlier life where you were female and the women in your life now were men. A parent this life could be a mate in another; your wife now could have been your son in a prior existence.

Let earlier lives show you why you relate as you do this lifetime. Come to peace with yourself and them.


Lie on your back. Breathe deeply; relax. Imagine a pastlife you may have had where your sex and romance were most satisfying, gratifying and delightful.

Start your fantasy: feel the Body you wear in this sexually satisfying pastlife. Notice your feet–their color, size, how they are (or are not) covered. Notice your legs, your genitals (you could be male or female), the rest of your body, your face and hair. What, if anything, do you wear? Say What you feel like–your sensations, emotional tone, confidence , as you wear this body.

Conjure a climactic scene where you live in the body you envisioned. Let this scene reveal how you get a lovelife script that will influence what you’ll desire in coming carnations.

Who is with you in this climatic scene?

What do they and you say and do? Describe the action in the present tense, experience the emotions and bodily sensations as you describe what you and they do.

Speak aloud to those with you.

What script or program do you Imprint from this experience?

How and with whom do you enact aspects of this script in your present life?

How can you further incorporate the highs of the pastlife picture you presented even more satisfyingly?


Think of an emotional or bodily problem that affects your lovelife. Do you have a relation problem, a Pattern that keeps troubling you in your intimate relations?

Have you got a recurring loser script?

Do you have an inner voice that comes out toward your lovers that harms them or your relationship with them?

Were you abused or neglected as a child in a way that affects how you relate to your intimates?

See a scene, person or Image from your current life to stand for the problem, abuse, defeat, hurting body part, or subself. Write this up.

Talk aloud to that person or image; tell it/him/her how you feel about the situation. Let out your feelings.***

Choose a few words to Sum-up your feeling in the problem, defeat or situation. (Example: “It’s my fault.”) Keep saying your sum-up sentence till it takes you back to a story of a prior life.

See and describe the main Turning points of the prior life.

Express your thoughts and feelings. Amplify and express the emotion even more powerfully.

If you get darkness, or no visions, imagine that means you died. Replay the story, just before it darkens.

Forgive yourself and anyone you resented.

Say your last words and thoughts, then

Relive your death.

Separate from the body. As the separated soul, feel peace.

Rejoin loved ones who already died. Float with them toward a light.

Meet the karma committee and your guide. They review the lessons you learned in that life.

They tell you how to bring the lessons of that life into this one.

If you choose to drop an old script about sex and relationships, negotiate New scripts with your karmic committee.

 Relate how pastlife paragon and problematic scripts (a & b) affect your lovelife to this day. Say how the scripts serve or limit you.

How would you rescript these experiences may serve you better in your relationships nowadays and in the future.


 Based on Woolger, R., Other Lives, Other Selves, NY: Doubleday, 1987; Fisher, J., The Case for Reincarnation, NY: Bantam, 1985.

Dr. Woolger trained and certified me as Past Life and Life Script Therapist.  Click below, and dig his interview on the subject.


Maui counselor, Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., is a Certified Holotropic Breathworker and Voice Dialogue Facilitator. He is certified by Dr. Roger Woolger in Jungian Pastlife Psychotherapy.


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